You think they don't read fan's tweets? They actually do!

Blackpink's official twitter account released #fantweets video with Rosé, which also marks her as the first K-pop artist to do the twitter segment. Rosé connects with her fans by reading and reacting to the tweets by her beloved fans from all over the world. The video splits into four segments. Rosé reading fan tweets about her #singlealbum, about her pet dog #Hank, about #life and Rosé on #stage. Rosé was all flustered reading such sweet and kind words of her global fans. She also mentioned that she'll be doing an interview with Hank. Now we all know that her dog is as adorable as our dear Rosé is. Twitter's exclusive global move by releasing #fantweets video, it expects that the fans will learn more about their artists and the global fans can communicate directly with them, which will eventually flourish the fan-artist bond. What are your thoughts on this? Have you watched the video? Who do you think will be the next K-pop artist to read the fan tweets? Start tweeting now, your tweets might get read by artists themselves!