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Your Hair Is At Its Weakest When It's Freshly Shampooed So You Must Not….?

Your hair is very weak when it is wet and freshly shampooed. How you take care of your hair right after it determines its health and appearance in a long run. When it comes to detangling, your mane deserves a lot of care than you think it does.


Here is a list of do’s and don’ts you must follow while detangling wet hair so that your hair stay happy and healthy



Use A Wide Tooth Comb

Use the right comb to detangle your hair is important. You can either use a wide-tooth comb or a single finger to detangle your wet hair. This will put pressure on your hair and scalp, making it look gorgeous and reduces the pain after it is dried completely.


Start At The Ends

Always start from the end and then move it upwards. This will help to prevent the breakage and also will cause less pulling on tresses. Also, it will help to reduce excessive frizz and dryness from your locks.



Skip Using A Hairbrush

The most common and biggest haircare mistake is using a hairbrush on wet hair. It will make your hair and scalp which will cause damage to your hair. To detangle in the shower always use your finger or a wide-tooth comb for frizz-free and healthy hairs.


Avoid Rubbing Hair With A Towel

Rubbing your hair with a towel is not the solution. This will only leave your hair dry, dull, and frizzy. Always use a clean cotton shirt to absorb the water without causing any damages to your tresses.  


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