Your Wait Ends Here For Healthy and Shiny Hair

Yes, WOW Skin Science Onion Shampoo with Black Seed Oil is my favourite shampoo. I have been using the shampoo from almost last 6 months. This shampoo has helped in my hair growth and made my hair glossy. Also, after using this shampoo it has reduced my hair loss which was my major problem. It has helped my hair to improve quality of hair strands. This shampoo contains anti-oxidants which helps in blood circulation to the roots and gives nourishment to my hair. The key ingredients of the shampoo is Red Onion Seed Oil Extract which contains vitamins that are rich in nutrients like Sulphur which has strengthened my hair. Another ingredient is Black Seed Oil which contains anti-inflammatory properties which has helped my hair to reduce excessive dryness and hair loss. Pro-Vitamin is an important nutrient which helps to strengthen roots which makes my hair stronger and smoother. So, I would recommend this shampoo to everyone as anti-oxidants is a key step which should not be missed if you want smooth hair!