Zaira Wasim, You could have quietly exited Bollywood without bringing in a religious angle

You would have left Bollywood quietly if you truly intended to leave without making a fuss. You might have discreetly moved away from Bollywood and done whatever you deemed perfect for yourself, regardless of religion.

You aren't the first actor or actress to leave Bollywood, Zaira. Several actresses marry and relocate to another nation or state. Many actors who want to pursue other goals leave the film industry and pursue their passions.

Years later, people like us begin looking for those long-lost actors and go to great lengths to learn where they are. And when we do, we discover that they are contentedly ensconced somewhere else, doing something they enjoy.  

You could have simply gotten off the grid if you truly wanted to leave Bollywood, even if religion was your primary reason. You could have broken off your SIM card and obtained a new phone number. All of your social media accounts could have been erased. No one would have been able to reach you in any way, and you could have moved away from movies and lived a happy life alone.  

However, by putting it all out on social media, you've not only devalued the film industry, but you've also implied that you just wanted to get some eyeballs for the next few days. We hope you were able to fulfill your goals despite news networks airing your story every day and newspaper columns being written about you every minute.  

Unfortunately, if your genuine objective was to leave Bollywood, you could have done so without bringing up a religious angle. All you had to do was hop on a plane and fly away. Zaira, set your priorities straight!