13 Best Non-clumping Mascaras for Bold and Beautiful Eyes

Written by Varsha Patnaik   |  Updated on Dec 09, 2022   |  138K
A woman using one of the Best Non-clumping Mascaras for Bold and Beautiful Eyes
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From simple bare-faced days to intense, statement looks, the best non-clumping mascara can be an essential component of makeup looks. A good mascara can make or break the look by giving your lashes volume, depth, intensity, or drama, whatever cup of tea you prefer. But clumps can usually scourge even the mascaras that belong to reputed brands. Lashes that have dried formula remaining on them can look spidery.

To avoid a pair of brittle-looking lashes, it is binding to find the best non-clumping mascara. These mascaras also keep your eyes feeling light and do not smudge. In addition to making your eyelashes look amazing, they also keep them safe from harsh chemicals and damage. You will not have to worry about getting mascara in your eyes which would eventually cause allergies or unwanted eye concerns. Scroll down to learn how to pick the perfect non-clumping mascaras and how to wear them. We've rounded up the best no-clump mascara you should give a try. Let's get the mascara party started.

13 Best Non-clumping Mascaras for Eyes That Speak Volumes

In the age of eyelash extensions and falsies, the pressure to have thick and dense lashes that are perfect is immense. Benefit Bad Gal Bang Volumizing Mascara will make you look like you’re wearing a falsie. You can deceive everyone with two coats of this volume-building mascara. Apply to both your upper and lower lashes for the biggest impact. If the lush volume was not enough to lure you in, how about the provitamin B5 content in the mascara which is known to supplement thickness and strength? Give this a try and you’ll have the lashes of a star even when you cry.

  • Custom-brush
  • Water-resistant
  • Smudge-proof
  • Nourishes lashes
  • Slightly expensive
  • 2
    Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Lengthening Mascara
    Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Lengthening Mascara
  • There's more than one benefit to this drugstore mascara. In addition to dramatically lengthening your eyelashes, you can add lots of volume to your lashes wherever you go! Thanks to its specially created applicator brush, this non-clumping formula also lifts, curls, and separates your eyelashes. The evenly spaced bristles of this brush should be held horizontally to coat your lashes evenly from root to tip. Contrarily, a vertical application of the mascara can reach even the faintest eyelashes and those in the inner and outer corners of your eyes. This mascara will make sure you don't have to rush to the powder room to correct your mascara after you've rubbed your eyes or even washed your face.

    • Travel-sized
    • Dual-purpose
    • Domed-tip brush
    • Lasts up to 36 hours
    • Requires multiple application
  • 3
    Best Voluminous
    Buxom Lash Volumizing Mascara
    Buxom Lash Volumizing Mascara
  • The Buxom Lash Volumizing Mascara comes with an hour-glass shaped brush that has nylon bristles. The shape of the brush enhances the lashes and creates a multiplying effect that makes the lashes look fuller and longer. It gives a fanned-out look that is trending in the world of makeup and fashion. With one easy stroke, you can get three times the volume sans any clumps. The world might give you 99 problems but dehydrated lashes won't be one thanks to the rose water-based formula in the mascara, which is enhanced with vitamin E and antioxidants.

    • Dense look
    • Non-clumping
    • Covers small lashes
    • Suitable for sensitive eyes
    • Not water-proof
  • 4
    MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara
    MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara
  • A dual-purpose mascara with a creamy texture that has a flexible and light formula. It lifts lashes and coats them from root to tip. The double applicator option lets you alter the shape of your lashes for a naturally defined or dramatically intense appearance. You can add volume by pulling the wand through the large aperture or add definition by pulling it through the small hole. This mascara is very practical and suitable for any situation. Considering that buying makeup is akin to investing in luxury goods, you don't have to worry about going bankrupt with this multipurpose mascara.

    • Water-resistant
    • Velvety-finish
    • Safe for lens wearers
    • Available in brown
    • Runs out quick
  • 5
    Best Colored
    L'Oreal Paris Bambi Mascara
    L'Oreal Paris Bambi Mascara
  • Discover an immediate result with Bambi Eye Mascara that curls and volumizes lashes the moment you apply it. Bambi's mascara applies smoothly and gives lifted, elongated lashes that are free of clumps, that too at a fraction of the cost you would pay for falsies or extensions. A few quick swipes is all you need to cover all the lashes in this glorious mascara. With soft, extended lashes that won't blot, flake, or clump, this mascara instantly gives the appearance of wide-open eyes. This one's an eye-opener, quite literally!

    • Smooth-finish
    • Wide-eye bristles
    • Gluten-free formula
    • Multiple color options
    • Not-waterproof
  • 6
    Clio Kill Lash Superproof Mascara
    Clio Kill Lash Superproof Mascara
  • We all love all things Korean. No, we aren't talking about K-Pop, but we're talking about Korean beauty. This mascara hails from the renowned land of beauty and just like all other Korean products, it is one of the best non-clump mascaras. If you're looking for a long curling solution Clio Kill Lash is your treasure find. It avoids flaky bits and clumpiness in the lashes. It has a uniquely thin and c-shaped mascara brush that gives your lashes a lengthy, voluminous, glossy magic. It transforms the eyes but does not feel heavy.

    • Strong curling
    • Natural volume
    • Comfortable brush
    • Does not cake
    • Require strong makeup remover
  • 7
    Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara
    Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara
  • This one is a strong mascara that gives the look of exceptional lashes with up to 400% more volume, obvious length, and sky-high lift. Well, well, looks like we all need to route our bucks from the expensive salon treatments to this holy grail. The mascara also has a cutting-edge 4D amplifier brush that pushes the limits of conventional mascara. It perfectly coats both layers of lashes and maintains them throughout the day until you're ready to slip out of its grip and retire for the day. It is also ophthalmologist-tested, so everybody can try this out without any hesitance.

    • Weightless
    • Buildable formula
    • Vegan friendly
    • Cruelty-free
    • Bristles may be sharp
  • 8
    Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara
    Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara
  • Maintain your standards high and eyelashes long with Mary Kay's Lash Love mascara. Provitamin B5 (panthenol) and phytantriol, ingredients frequently found in shampoos and conditioners, are two components of this mascara. This helps to make the mascara easier to apply and add moisture to the eyelashes. Additionally, it contains vitamin E, which moisturizes eyelashes and gives them a thicker and fuller appearance. Even tiny, difficult-to-reach lashes are covered in color by the applicator brush. Rain or sunshine, the pool or the beach, whatever your ambiance, the mascara will find you in full glory till you wipe it off your face.

    • Natural look
    • Lifts the lashes
    • Does not flake
    • Fragrance-free
    • May not suit contact lens wearers
  • 9
    Best Long-lasting
    Covergirl Clump Crusher
    Covergirl Clump Crusher
  • This one is a revolutionary mascara that gives your eyelashes 20 times more volume than your natural lashes or average mascara. It includes a double-sided brush that pushes up the lashes and crushes any clumps. You can effortlessly up your lash game with this mascara and look like the diva that you are. It’s true to its name and gives you the look of a lash expert. The magnitude of the mascara is good enough to give you a bold eye look in one application. If you wish, you can just slap some lipstick on and you're good to go. The mascara comes packed in a vibrant green tube that’s going to make your arch-enemy really envious.

    • Cruelty-free
    • Easy application
    • Stays long
    • Sulfate-free
    • Can get flaky
  • 10
    Best For Everyday
    Glossier Lash Slick Mascara
    Glossier Lash Slick Mascara
  • Glossier understands what their girls want and need in their makeup bags, and they make those products with the greatest love they can. Having said that, the weightless, flexible formula of Lash Slick improves the appearance of your natural lashes. The fairly small fibers that run through the brush are potent enough to cover every lash fella, from root to tip, giving it maximum length and definition. The vegan biotin in the mascara strengthens and conditions lashes so that they eventually feel softer and look healthier. It's a safe mascara for everyday use.

    • Affordable
    • Travel-size
    • Light on lashes
    • Extreme definition
    • Takes many applications
  • 11
    Almay Mega Volume Mascara
    Almay Mega Volume Mascara
  • ​​If most mascaras sting your beautiful eyes and cause them to cry a river, you need this hypoallergenic formulation from Almay. Because this mascara has undergone ophthalmological and dermatological testing that gives you the confidence and the comfort to keep your eyes wide open while your eyelashes are well-lifted and plumped. The unique-shaped b rush and clump-free formula work together to give your lashes a bulky appearance without clumping. It is ideal for sparse lashes because the wand picks up the ideal amount of product to add intensity and definition. Your lashes will be darker than the midnight sky.

    • Triple-wax formula
    • Safe for sensitive eyes
    • Coats lashes evenly
    • Not fully water-resistant
  • 12
    Vivienne Sabó Cabaret Première Mascara
    Vivienne Sabó Cabaret Première Mascara
  • The French may be famous for a whole lot of things, and makeup aesthetic is one of them. A clean, groomed look that looks natural and not too OTT is what the French opt for. This resonates with the Vivienne Sabó Cabaret Première mascara that can be worn every day. This volumizing mascara is an economical choice that adds major drama to your lashes. It defines your lashes, keeps them separated, and does not clump. The thin formula coats lashes to offer a clear, wide-eyed effect that doesn't feel loud. One application of this mascara will boost the volume quotient, and a second one will lengthen the lashes.

    • Cruelty-free
    • Long-lasting formula
    • Easy removal
    • Does not moisturize
  • 13
    Best Pigmented
    Lorac Pro Plus Fiber Mascara
    Lorac Pro Plus Fiber Mascara
  • Life is short, but your lashes need not be. Recognized for its effortless red carpet style and skin-friendly ingredients, this Lorac Pro mascara has fiber bristles that work wonderfully for the length of the lashes. On days you want to go light on your lashes and yet spoil them with some jet-black oomph, this is the perfect product. It’s a great non-clumping mascara for a nude look that is long-lasting and safe. The product boasts ingredients that are super skin-friendly. So you can be nonchalant about its side effects and give your lashes a treat.

    • Clinically tested
    • Not gooey
    • Clear definition
    • Brush can be tricky to use

    How to Select The Right Non-clumping Mascara?

    With so many options and the abundance of social media retelling of makeup do's and don'ts, it's easy to lose yourself in the labyrinth of makeup. But there's a foundational rule to ask yourself the reason you're buying the makeup product to avoid any error in judgment. In the case of mascara, consider the following criteria to pick the best non-clumping mascara for yourself.


    There are many different kinds of mascaras. Glossy, creamy, matte, velvety, the list goes on. Depending on what you want the mascara to do, choose the texture appropriately. If you want eyelashes that spell out drama, then you need mascara that adds huge volume, so go for creamy. But you should also pay attention to the non-clumping element to ensure your eyelashes don't look too fake. The natural texture of the lashes can also be enhanced by using mascara made with natural ingredients and vitamins.


    It may be hard to find mascaras that are completely chemical-free or organic. But, the safest products are those that are made with minimal chemicals. Maintain an arm's length from mascara that contain too many chemicals. There's no dearth of mascaras that are made with ingredients like vitamin E, aloe water, jojoba oil and other natural ingredients. The healthier the product is, the better your eyelash look and feel. You can also avoid teary eyes, allergies, and clumping.

    Wand type

    This is the most important factor because it does not just provide a grip over application of the mascara but also determines how the lashes get tinted. Based on your need, ensure that your wand has bristles that are fine, evenly spaced, and strong. The options are many even among non-clumping mascaras. The material of the wand, the applicator size, and the curvature of the wand makes a difference too.  You will not receive the desired results with good, non-clumpy mascara if the wand is not comfortable.


    Well, this one's a whatever floats your boat kind of consideration. If classic black is your choice of mascara, go for it. If you want to complement your look with a coffee-brown set of lashes, or midnight blue, you can give it a shot. Don't limit yourself to the good old black. Non-clumping mascaras too come in multiple shades.


    If you're buying one of the best non-clumping waterproof mascara for a pool party, you might want to check if it's got the amount of drama it requires. But the same may not be true for your everyday casual wear or office look. So, pick one that suits your occasion.

    How to Use Non-clumping Mascara?

    Now that you know how to pick a good mascara, might we interest you in some trivia? Whether you believe it or not, there is a correct way to apply clump-free mascara. The majority of the mascara should be applied to the lash's root rather than its tip. Keep in mind the following advice before applying non-clumping mascara.

    Double Cleanse

    Our lashes are fragile and daily wear of mascara and the subsequent removal of it may lead to falling of lashes and sometimes even a sparse look. But that doesn't mean you can escape cleansing your lashes of any remaining product. Always gently cleanse your lashes before applying a new coat of mascara.

    Use a primer

    Just like you prep your face before transforming it with copious layers of makeup, the lashes need a bit of prep too. A great lash primer prepares the lashes for an even coat of mascara by lengthening them without clumping.

    Don’t apply too much

    Here, too much won’t mean too good. Two coats should be the maximum amount of product you should use on your lashes. Anything more will result in your lashes looking spidery. If you've already applied too much mascara, use lash combs or a dried-up mascara wand to remove any extra product.

    Choose the right wand

    It is always wise to pick a mascara that has a molded plastic wand. But, as deemed necessary, different types of wands serve different purposes. A fine-toothed mascara brush, in general, can highlight the length of your lashes and minimize clumping. On the other hand, building volume and length without clumping is easy with the help of an hourglass-shaped brush with dense bristles.

    Lashes are like perfumes, they can’t be seen by oneself but they make you feel incredibly confident and can amp up your look instantaneously. Owning one of these best non-clumping mascaras will ensure that you look ‘fabulash’. The best mascaras for beginners are those that don't pile up. A good mascara should offer a mess-free application without sacrificing volume, curl, definition, or length. It's always a good choice to use products with an amazingly light formula that gives defined lashes when applied for the best results.

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    How do I stop my mascara from clumping?
    The easiest way to stop mascara from clumping is by using a primer and a good quality mascara.
    Do non-clumping mascaras expire?
    All makeup products have an expiry date. It is hygienic to change your mascara every 3 months.

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