13 Best Slippers for Women That Are Comfortable and Stylish

Written by Ankita Kandade   |  Updated on May 25, 2023   |  41.2K
Slippers for Women That Are Comfortable And Stylish
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Despite numerous options, wearing the best slippers for women is extremely important. Not only do they look chic on the feet, but a wrong slipper can be reason for lower pack pain, knee pain and many other ailments that can easily be avoided if you find a foot-friendly pair of slippers. With so many options all around us, it’s key to pick a pair of slippers that are available in numerous sizes, colors and styles that you can wear over dresses, jeans and athleisure wear. 

What’s more fascinating about these slippers enlisted below are soft and homey, these are fashionable too, which makes them an appropriate footwear for every occasion. It is time to pamper your feet and allow your footwear to steal the limelight at the next houseparty, roadtrip and Saturday night at home with your BFFs with these women’s slippers.

13 Best Slippers for Women for Ultra Comfort and Pain-free Motion

This pair by ULTRAIDEAS is one of the most versatile slippers on the list. The reason is its rubber outsoles which makes it a convenient option for both indoors and outdoors. Also, its high traction allows noiseless stepping, so if you're sharing your room with anyone, they won't get disturbed by the noise of your footsteps. The slippers are lined with high-density memory foam insoles that trap body heat and warm your feet. In addition, they can mold easily to fit your toes. If they get filthy, leave them in your washing machine to get cleaned. No worries!! They won't get damaged. 

Size: 5 to 12

Material : Wool,  High-density memory foam 

Colors: Grey/ Red/ Black/ Blue/ Violet/ Wine/ Pink/ Charcoal/ Sleet

  • Stretchable
  • Anti-skid rubber sole
  • Relaxes feet
  • No closed back
  • Less arch support
  • For Mas Stability

    RockDove Women's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

    RockDove Women's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper
  • With 95% cotton and 5% spandex, these shoes by RockDove are among the best slippers for women suitable for seasons. No matter, if it's winter or summer, this pair will let your feet breathe and absorb sweat. As these slippers have cotton and spandex as their main manufacturing materials, these make them lightweight and ensure maximum mobility (1). While memory foam allows you to have pain-free walking and improves stability. Interestingly, it's available in matching sets for couples and families.

    Size: 5 to 12

    Materials: Rubber, Cotton, Spandex, Memory foam 

    Colors: Eggplant/Blue/Grey/Green/Red/White

    • Machine washable
    • Waterproof bottom grip
    • Soft
    • Moderate durability
    • Medium arch support
  • Best Gripping

    Clarks Womens Slipper

    Clarks Womens Slipper
  • Clarks is a reputable brand known for its unique shoe designs and this product reflects it clearly. The slippers have a closed back for maximum grip and control while walking. Made with suede leather, this pair feels soft and thin and is easy to carry. Besides, its premium quality faux fur lining gives you the most relief possible. When you're stepping outside, you don't need to fret about slipping as its durable and gripped sole will take care of that. Your job is to wear this classic pair and let your feet feel relaxed.

    Size: 5 to 11

    Materials: Suede leather, Faux fur

    Colors : Black/Grey/Navy/Burgundy/Stone Gold/Tan/Taupe Holiday/Berry/Blue/Brown

    • Warm
    • Fashionable
    • Waterproof exterior
    • Expensive
    • Can run small
  • Super Cozy

    Donpapa Womens Slipper

    Donpapa Womens Slipper
  • Sliding our feet into a mushy slipper is all we want after rolling out of bed. Nothing can give our day a better kickstart than this. The Donppa slippers for women pamper your foot soles and provide extra warmth and coziness. Its anti-slip memory foam sole makes it slip-proof to every step so you can move freely. Other than having a warm and breathable upper, it's lined with eco-friendly plush fleece and cotton to ditch the cold breeze. The pair is super soft that you won't pull your feet out!

    Size: Medium to X-Large 

    Materials: Plush fleece, Memory Foam 

    Colors : Tan/Black/Gray/Brown/Chestnut/Pink/Brick Red

    • Rubber sole
    • Breathable
    • Suave
    • Less support
    • Average stability
  • Best for Heel Pain

    isotoner Terry Hoodback Clog Slippers for Women

    isotoner Terry Hoodback Clog Slippers for Women
  • This pair is for someone who's continuously experiencing heel pain due to plantar fasciitis. It's a medical condition in which a thick band of tissue connecting your heel bone to the big toe gets inflamed. Hence, many podiatrists suggest customized footwear to reduce pain and inflammation and facilitate movement (2) (3). This piece by isotoner is scientifically designed to support your arch and relax your feet. Also, it's a cozy pair with a cu

    Size: 6.5 to 10

    Materials: Terry cotton, Rubber 

    Colors: Peony/Ash/Black/Deep Periwinkle/Taupe/Sandtrap

    shioned insole that provides safe footing.

    • Long-lasting materials
    • Adjustable
    • Anti-slip rubber insole
    • Slightly thick soles
  • Shrinking Resistant

    Dearfoams Womens Rebecca Chenille Casual Slippers

    Dearfoams Womens Rebecca Chenille Casual Slippers
  • Wearing a comfy warm slipper is helpful to maintain thermoregulation, especially on chilly days. Unlike the other products listed above, this set by Dearfoams is sewn from 100% pure polyester. The material makes shoes flexible and resists them from shrinking. So, they're quite durable women's slippers you see!! As well as, they dry quickly after a wash, so you don't have to wait to step out. The pair has thermoplastic elastomer soles which stretch it to its full length so it can fit your feet smoothly. Based on our experience, we feel that these are among the best women's slippers to take from AM to PM.

    Size: 5 to 14

    Materials: 100% polyester

    Colors: Sleet Chenille

    • Cloud-like cushioning
    • No sweat
    • Long-lasting freshness
    • Slip-on entry
  • Lightweight

    Comworm Women's Lightweight House Slippers

    Comworm Women's Lightweight House Slippers
  • It can be tough to manage your household chores while wearing tight shoes. Here's when Comworm's slippers come in handy. This cute and contemporary pair offers ultra comfort which puts it into the best house slippers for women category. With an open upper, the piece prevents sweating and makes a steady airflow around your feet. Also, its ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) sole feels light on the foot to promote hassle-free mobility. After trying out this product, we can quote that this gives true delight to your feet.

    Size: 5 to 13

    Materials: EVA, Fur 

    Color : Grey

    • Fashionable crisscross design
    • Soft plush
    • Non-slip outsole
    • Fluff balls may occur
  • Cool Slippers

    Laura Ashley Womens Rabbit Fur Slide Slippers

    Laura Ashley Womens Rabbit Fur Slide Slippers
  • After a long day of work, all you want to do is slip into a comfy, fuzzy pair of slippers. Your search ends here with Laura Ashley’s slide-ons. These ultra-comfy fluffy slippers are affordable and allow you to experience spa-like treatment at home and at a reasonable cost. These slippers guarantee luxury comfort, sophisticated design and long-lasting fabric. The best part is that these slippers rarely get dirty. The foam sole will genuinely make your soul very happy.

    Size: Small to X-Large 

    Materials: Memory foam, Faux fur

    Color: Brown Cheetah

    • Maximum relaxation
    • Classy design
    • Foam sole
    • Can damage if air dried
  • For All Occasions

    Ankis Cross Band Cozy Plush Home Slippers

    Ankis Cross Band Cozy Plush Home Slippers
  • These adorable white slippers by Ankis are ideal for any event, be it a family get-together or a girl's night out. What makes this a reliable pair of footwear is that they aren’t just suitable for everyday wear but ideal for pregnant women. The 4-layered insole makes sure that you get a firm grip on the ground during locomotion.Crafted with fuzzy fur, EVA, and thermoplastic rubber (TRP), this home slipper is suitable for pregnant ladies or anyone to avoid slippering on a wet floor. Easy to slide in and out off, these fluffy, cloud-like texture slippers even make for a great gift.

    Size: 5 to 12

    Materials: Cotton, Fur, EVA, TRP 

    Color: White

    • Standard to wide fit
    • Retains shape
    • Non-slip soles
    • Small proportions of animal fur
    • May run wide
  • Most Reliable

    Hanes Womens Superior Scuff Slipper

    Hanes Womens Superior Scuff Slipper
  • Reliable and comfortable, Hanes slippers are an absolute must-have. Made with comfortable and affable fabric like cotton, you can wear these slippers literally everywhere. This 90’s inspired lightweight footwear comes in black and other neutral colors that will perfectly go with every attire. The textured bottom makes this pair of slippers an ideal wear even during the rainy months. They are very easy to slide-on leaving your feet very stress-free. The best part is that if it gets too dirty, you can machine wash them to get a new looking pair.

    Size: 6 to 10

    Materials: Microterry, Fleece, Microsuede

    Colors: Black/Pink/Gray

    • Durable sole
    • Extra comfort
    • Textured bottom
    • Runs small
  • Amazon Essentials Women's Warm Cushioned Slippers

    Amazon Essentials Women's Warm Cushioned Slippers
  • You may enjoy the warmth and pleasure after slipping your feet into fleecy slippers, but things get complicated when it comes to cleaning them. Keeping this into context, Amazon Essentials have beautifully outlined these shoes that you can clean with a damp cloth. Easy peasy right? Its high-density foam acts as a shock absorber and eases hassle-free walking. The ultra-soft cushion helps in managing your foot pain and soothes your soles. Also, you can gift them to your mum, sis, or bestie on their birthday.

    Size: 6 to 10

    Material : Memory foam 

    Colors: Gray/Blue/Navy blue/Pink

    • For all weathers
    • Outfit match
    • Plush fleece lining
    • Slightly runs small
    • Heel may fold
  • SINNO Cute Animal Slippers for Women

    SINNO Cute Animal Slippers for Women
  • Women find animal caricatures attractive, may it be on clothes or footwear. Isn't it? This brand understands this very well. Hence, they've popped up with a unique design having animal-like prints. Not only that, the piece has a deeply textured sole made with PVC and rubber, ensuring that it's slip-resistant. These materials are lightweight; hence they significantly reduce the overall heaviness of the product. If you've muscle fatigue, its elastic midsole will suppress the related symptoms like pain and tightness with continuous use. We found this product apt for 360-degree comfort.

    Size: 5 to 16

    Materials: Memory Foam,Rubber,PVC 

    Colors: Pink/Black/Coffee/Gray/Caramel/Khaki/Purple/Red/Yellow

    • Keeps feet dry
    • Reduces feet odor
    • Prevents slipping
    • Soft and noise reducing
    • Average cleanability
  • Leevar Cloud Slides for Women

    Leevar Cloud Slides for Women
  • Although these Leevar slippers don't have fancy fur or wool linings, they're still comfortable as the other given home shoes. Using them in the summer is a smart choice since their upper is open. This feature reduces sweat and boosts airflow within the space. If you're planning a beach holiday this weekend, don't forget to carry these. Moreover, these also look great on men, so don't complain if your partner or brother borrows them. An add-on is that the cushioned pair is slip-resistant and easy to clean.

    Size : 4 to 13

    Material : EVA 

    Colors: Brown/Black/Blush/Gray/Khaki/Pink

    • In/out wearable
    • Cozy
    • Soft and resilient
    • Can hurt if wrong size is selected

    These were some of the best slippers for women that come with a wide array of advantages. Now let's unlock the secret of grabbing the most ideal piece for yourself.

    How to Choose the Best Slippers for Women?

    For many newbies selecting a pair of appropriate slippers can be daunting. Here's what you should know; 

    • Materials 

    You need to understand this- the better the material, the more relaxed your feet will be. Think of the materials that will give the most comfort and suits your requirements. 

    • Size 

    When choosing a slipper for everyday use, you can't forget your foot size. Make sure your shoe glides smoothly and fits you completely. 

    • Quality 

    You don't want to invest your money in something that doesn't brings value. Hence, have a quick glance at the material's quality and invest in worthy products. 

    • Grip 

    Try wearing the slipper before buying it to check its grip. This will reduce your chances of falling. 

    • Customer ratings 

    Keep a close tab on the customer ratings and reviews to get more product details.

    Slippers are crucial footwear for our relief. All day, we wear uncomfortable shoes that aren't ergonomically correct. Hence, we suffer from pain and discomfort during the timeline. After reaching home, all we want is a comfy slipper pair to let our feet recover and feel free. However, we don't want to compromise with fashion too. Therefore, we always look for slippers that are affable yet stylish. Fortunately, we can have those options if we know what factors to consider prior to purchasing. These can range from materials to sizes to quality. Keeping a checklist of such factors while shopping always helps in owning a pair of the best slippers for women. 

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    What is the best brand of women's slippers?
    There are a lot of brands that you can consider when shopping for the best pair. We've shared the list of some of the best brands for women's slippers above.
    What slippers are good for foot pain?
    Foot pain can occur due to several reasons, such as medical conditions like plantar fasciitis, pressure sores, or muscle fatigue. In such circumstances, try wearing slippers with good arch support. Also, these should feel comfortable on the feet and have decent-quality soles for efficient gripping.
    Are slippers better, big or small?
    It's better to choose a slipper of your foot size, neither too big nor too small. Some slippers might run short, so you can have one size big and vice versa.
    Should you wear barefoot or socks with slippers?
    Wearing socks with slippers is a personal choice. You might like wearing them in winter. Also, if your feet sweat more, your shoes get smelly quickly; however, wearing socks could prolong your slipper's life.
    Is it good to wear slippers around the house?
    It's good to wear slippers at home to protect your feet against hard floor surfaces. They reduce the chances of getting foot sores and ensure painless motion.

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