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5 Types of mat you need to amp up the style quotient of every room in your home

June 1, 2021 10:04 am | 32498 reads
Did you know that the history of mats is pretty interesting? Mats may cover entire rooms or be used in certain areas for sitting or sleeping. In cold weather, it protects your feet from freezing and provides a warmer surface to walk on. Though each region of the world invented their style of the mat it was noted to be begun by the 19th century closely connected with the technique of weaving baskets. Today we see a wide variety of mats and a home without them cannot be found. A resting place for your feet, for grip, comfort and for safeguarding what's on it or what’s under it mats are the underrated heroes of every home. Here we bring to you 5 such amazing mats you should have to restyle your home.

Abstract doormats

The thing about abstract print is that it looks modern and suits well to a contemporary home decor style. These are washable mats that come in a set of 4 which you can place in front of your bedrooms. A little mat for your pooja room to sit upon is not a bad idea either.
AAZEEM Abstract Modern Door Mat (Multicolour, Cotton, 16 x 24 inch)
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Entryway Rug

To beautify your gardens, verandas and even as a welcome door rug, this long mat is ideal. Coir mats last so long that they could actually become the heirloom of the family and have saved the imprints of all the lives that passed through it. A little philosophical but the point here is it’s highly durable and does its purpose well also adds up to the aesthetic taste of your home.
Onlymat Printed Floral Entryway Rug (Green, PVC;Coir, 45x75 cm)
₹699.00 Fulfilled FREE Delivery on orders over ₹ 499.00

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Kashmiri Persian Silk Carpet

This beautiful carpet is an embodiment of rich Indian craftsmanship. It can give your flooring a royal touch and makes your home feel more comfy and grand. The intricate design brings a luxe touch to it and the anti-skid property makes it a must-have carpet, especially during the winters, to stay in the hall with your family in comfort.
Sifa Carpet Kashmiri Persian Silk Carpet for Living Room with 1 Inch Thickness ( 5x7 Feet Blue Color)
₹5,299.00 Fulfilled FREE Delivery on orders over ₹ 499.00

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Geometrical Carpet

This wool carpet features great geometric design and quality with an extra soft finish. You can match the furniture and decor items of your home with it building a theme for your living area and create an enchanting space for relaxation. The geometric printed mat is a contemporary take on traditional design.
Carpet Mahal Embossed Carved Handmade Tuffted Pure Woollen Thick Geometrical Carpet for Living Room Bedroom Size 7 x 10 feet (210X300 cm) Color-Multi
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Kitchen mat

The kitchen is that space where you got to stand for hours. Giving your feet that space of comfiness with a nice mat can actually help you with reducing leg aches and aching colds frequently as standing on a cold floor for too long can do that to you. Washing dishes or cooking, once you add up these kitchen rugs you can be sure that you aren’t damaging your flor by spilling anything.
Kitchen mat
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