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Amazon Deal of the Day: 5 Different spice racks to organise and clear up your kitchen counter

June 8, 2021 07:03 pm | 39884 reads
Cooking in the kitchen is not an easy task. Math, physics and chemistry should play along in your mind at the same time to get a dish done perfectly. Especially in most Indian kitchens, no dishes are complete without some spices, they are the soul of every food be it brunch, lunch or dinner! The most annoying thing that could always go wrong is forgetting where you had placed that bottle of pepper or chilli powder and wasting time searching for it while your delicious dish is overcooked and spoilt! Or a messy counter with everything spread around like a market also makes the kitchen a dreadful and suffocating space. All you need is contemporary kitchen organiser sets that can save space and also help you find your spices easily.

Solimo Revolving Spice Rack set

With green bottle heads and a small opening to use only the required amount of your spices, this revolving rack set is a life saviour. It saves your space and time in looking for what you want. You can keep your condiments fresh and odour free in the 16 refillable jars which are easy to clean, as they have been made compatible with dishwasher use.

MRP: Rs 1100

Deal of the Day: Rs 599

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OWLSTONE EXIM LLP Plastic Spice Rack

With an elegant design that adds to the aesthetic of your kitchen, this spice rack comes with 16 jars. This spice rack has a 360-degree revolving feature which helps to find the desired spice more quickly. The compact design of the rack takes up only less space on your kitchen counter.

MRP: Rs 1400

Deal of the Day: Rs 499

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Stainless Steel Magnetic Spice Rack

This magnetic spice rack features a unique design and is an ideal solution for storing and retrieving spices, seasonings, herbs and more. With an elegant design that helps you retrieve your spices easily, it focuses on saving your valuable time during cooking.

MRP: Rs 2100

Deal of the Day: Rs 998

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Floraware Plastic Revolving Spice Rack

A designer similar to the first one in our list but a variation where colour and style this revolving spice rack is simple, durable and comfortable to use. The seasoning box is the perfect tool that helps keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

MRP: Rs 2599

Deal of the Day: Rs 588

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 2-Tier Standing Storage Organizer 

A black organiser which is foldable and can be used in multiple ways is a great addition to home decor and also kitchen. You can decorate and keep your spice jars just the way you want. It is also an ideal product for organizing cosmetics and toiletries in the bathroom.

MRP: Rs 699

Deal of the Day: Rs 395

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