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Bring out the Indie kid aesthetic with these 9 fashion picks

June 11, 2021 09:16 am | 61058 reads
The aesthetics are way too famous these days and have become a major part of our lives. From our food to our home decor to our instagram feed, it’s all got to look as aesthetic as possible. One of the famous aesthetics in fashion has been the indie kid aesthetic. It is based on individuality and independence. Indie Kid is a bright, colourful style usually involving oversized jeans, large hoodies, and small shirts. The aesthetic rose to fame again through the app TikTok and centers around bright colours, 2000s-style fashion, and a skater lifestyle. So if you are a fashion-lover who is into this aesthetic, then we have a few fashion picks that you would want to add to your wardrobe right away!

Hair Clips 

Keeping your hair tucked away and out of your face is a major part of the indie kid aesthetic. Since this aesthetic is primarily Gen z, it is all about middle parts, and hair held back together with cutesy, mismatched hair clips. Anything with an artsy look like pearls, smileys, marble-like texture, and crystals is very on point. 


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Bandanas are another important element of this aesthetic. You can wear them as headbands, or around the neck. They just veer from the traditional reds and blacks and lean more towards nature-inspired colours like green, blue and pink. Bandanas also add an element of boldness and daunting confidence that makes this aesthetic desirable. 


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Bucket Hats 

Cute bucket hats have recently come back into the fashion world and it's harmless to say that they are raging. From celebs to models, everyone’s got a bucket hat. No indie kid look is truly complete without a bucket hat. They were a huge fashion trend in the early 2000’s and now they have come back with their own modern twist. So add them to your wardrobe and jump onto the bandwagon! 


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Crop Tops 

Crop tops have become a major wardrobe essential and every fashion lover needs to own them. There are hardly any outfits that we see these days that do not feature a crop top. For all of you who did not know, t-shirt crop tops are a major part of the indie kid aesthetic. Crop tops were a major trend in the 2000s and are still worn in the same way. This piece of clothing has only evolved since, giving us a chance to experiment and have a whole lot of fun with it! 


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Flared Jeans 

The t-shirt crop tops and wide neck tops are usually paired with flared jeans to match the indie kid aesthetic. The flared pants trend has been around for a while now and it looks like it's here to stay. We can now officially say goodbye to skinny jeans and hello to these much more comfortable and stylish pairs of bottoms. These flattering and fun bottoms have made a major comeback for everyday wear, evening wear, and even for work wear. 


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Tennis Skirts 

Remember the skirts that were a part of your school uniform and you absolutely dreaded wearing them? Well, they are back in fashion! This aesthetic takes tennis skirts that you would be familiar with from school, and makes them super fun to wear! You can pair these cute skirts with oversized sweaters, vests and layers. 


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Rectangular Sunglasses 

No aesthetic is complete without a pair of some vintage sunnies that never go out of style. Add the perfect finishing touch to your crop top and flared bottoms, or to your oversized sweater and tennis skirts, with these sunglasses. Broad, rectangular sunglasses like these inspired by the big glasses boom of the 2000’s, that were tacky for a little but are fashionable again! 


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You simply cannot have an indie aesthetic without the right pair of footwear. Boots are the most raging footwear in the indie kid aesthetic. They feature heavily in this aesthetic but unlike emo or goth that pair dark boots with dark outfits, indie kid softens the look out with preppy outfits and cute jewellery. 


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Chunky Sneakers 

Name a better choice in footwear than a comfortable pair of chunky sneakers that can uplift your entire look. I will wait. Well, chunky sneakers are something that every fashionista and amateur has in their wardrobes these days. They literally match with every outfit and magnify each look effortlessly. They have been around for a while now and it seems like the indie kids have embraced them too.  


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