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Must-have monsoon beauty essentials and tips from the Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale 2021

June 20, 2021 04:16 pm | 84200 reads
The Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale 2021 went live today, and we are so excited to see the crazy offers and deals on all of our favorite products! Make the most of huge discounts from 19-23 June and come forth as a fashionista with an enviable wardrobe full of the latest trends in fashion, beauty, skincare and more! Read on to discover 5 must-have beauty essentials to take extra care of your skin and hair that you can buy at great prices today.

How does the monsoon season impact the health of your skin and hair?

The relief that the first rain of the season brings from the scorching heat is often short-lived as other issues follow. Do you observe an increase in hair fall and skin problems during the monsoon season? It is a real bother and it happens because of the increased humidity in the atmosphere.

When there are higher levels of moisture in the air, your hair strands keep absorbing it and swell up. This leads them to become brittle and much more prone to breakage. The constant dampness also weakens the follicle strength resulting in dull and tangled hair, increases the risk of infection and fungal growth, strips the scalp of essential natural oils and makes the roots weaker. All of these factors are contributing to more than the normal rates of hair fall.

The issues don’t even stop there. The monsoons are not particularly kind to your skin either. The constant humidity often causes profuse sweating, which can result in blockage of your pores and accumulation of a lot of dirt, pollutants and toxins on your skin. If the pH levels and hydration of your skin are not properly maintained, it can lead to redness, rashes, acne and many more problems. The exposure to acidic rainwater is also a huge factor leading to your skin and hair looking and feeling lifeless.



How can you take extra care of your skin and hair this season?

The first step is to stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet! The most basic healthcare starts from within. Make your diet rich in iron, essential amino acids and Vitamin E which are quite literally responsible for making or breaking it for your hair. On top of that, Vitamins D, C and K are absolutely essential in your daily diet as they promote skin repair and health.

To top it off, you must regularly and gently cleanse, tone, exfoliate and keep your skin hydrated to ward off acne and other issues. Avoid letting your hair stay damp for long periods of time, and give it the periodic external nourishment it is begging for. Check out 5 of our favourite products you can use to do all of that, and buy them today to avail of the best offers in the sale! 

1. Dazel Cold-Pressed Castor Oil at 51 percent off

Castor oil is a multi-purpose essential item, especially for this season. This 100 percent natural, pure and hexane-free concoction can be used to get soft and luxuriously lustrous locks, blemish and acne-free skin and healthy nails as well! It is fast absorbing and effective from the very first use.

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2. Solimo Anti-Bacterial Shower Gel at 50 percent off

The Amazon brand Solimo offers you a 100 percent soap-free and pH-balanced anti-bacterial formula that is free from harmful parabens, phthalates and silicones. It lathers generously and will leave your skin feeling fresh, healthy and smooth- credits to aloe leaf extracts, neem leaf extracts and activated silver compounds.

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3. Solimo Cool Menthol Shower Gel at 53 percent off

Another great deal from Solimo! This set of 2 shower gels have all of the features from the previous product, with a few additional features as well. The natural mentha, peppermint essential oils and menthol and very cooling for your skin and provide a refreshing fragrance. Additionally, peppermint oils naturally cleanse the skin and have anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that soothe any inflammation and irritation of the skin, also reducing chances of acne.

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4. Divine India Ayurvedic Handmade Soap at 25 percent off

This premium ayurvedic and handmade formula for soap contains natural herbs and lemon extracts that is exactly what your skin needs this season! The Vitamin C from the citric extracts is proven to aid collagen production for building and maintaining supple skin, brighten complexion and help remove blemishes and pigmentation. This will also keep your skin naturally hydrated and odour-free all day!

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5. Reawaken Shampoo Plus Conditioner at 29 percent off

This unique product from Reawaken is a blend of a gently cleansing shampoo and intensely hydrating conditioner for your hair. Loaded with 100 percent natural goodness and free from toxic parabens and sulphates, this works well for all types of hair. It strengthens the roots and promotes hair growth, all while gently cleansing the scalp. This is an essential for the monsoon season because most shampoos strip your hair of natural oils – but this won’t! On the other hand, it will help your hair retain them and moisturize them too!

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Check out more great deals and up to 55 percent off on essential monsoon beauty products here, that you should go grab today before the Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale ends!