Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate expressed on Conor McGregor running for Ireland's presidency

Former kickboxers and controversial social media icons Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate reacts on UFC icon Conor McGregor's potential political debut...

Published on Dec 09, 2023  |  09:31 AM IST |  372.4K
Image Courtesy : Getty Images  & Twitter
Image Courtesy : Getty Images & Twitter

Former UFC two-division champion and UFC icon Conor McGregor is best known for expressing his views without hesitating and for his trash skills. He is currently making headlines for expressing his views on the current situation in his country, Ireland, and the government over there.

McGregor has also hinted at his political debut for quite some time and the native Irish people and fans online are also willing to see McGregor running for the office. 

Notorious himself has been talking these days about running for office. Other than fans, world-recognized people are also choosing and supporting the Mystic Mac.

One of them is billionaire Twitter X CEO Elon Musk, who is backing McGregor and motivating him to run for office.

Musk expressed his views on McGregor’s tweet about him running for president and his potential opponents “I think you could take them all single-handed. Not even fair.”

It seems like more celebrities are coming forward in support of the 155-pound king.

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Tate Brothers expressed their views on Conor McGregor’s political debut 

Former kickboxing champions and controversial social media figures Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate, popularly known as the Tate Brothers, are best known for expressing their controversial views of women, government, and how to earn money and escape the matrix.


Tate Brothers hosts an online podcast on the Rumble platform known as TateSpeech. Brothers discuss trending topics and express their takes on them.

In the recent edition of TateSpeech, brothers were asked about Conor McGregor running for office, to which brothers responded.

Tristan Tate said, “Conor McGregor is considering strongly considering running to be president of Ireland. I think that is a wonderful idea."

"I would believe that Conor McGregor far more reluctant to send random Irish to die in places like Iraq than these old Irish leaders who’ve never seen a day in combat in their life and also me and you (Andrew Tate) are Irish. We are 25% Irish and if Conor McGregor runs in any Irish election I will fly to Ireland and vote for him." 

Andrew Tate expressed, “Our grandfather was born in Limerick that’s why we will personally vote for Conor McGregor.” 

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