Andrew Tate Hits Back at Sean Strickland for Calling Him ‘Scam Artist’

Andrew Tate responds to Sean Strickland's accusation of being a scam artist. Discover the heated Twitter exchange and share your opinion on their clash!

Published on Jun 27, 2024  |  10:15 PM IST |  125.5K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

The world of mixed martial arts and social media clashed recently when Sean Strickland and Andrew Tate exchanged fiery tweets. Strickland shared financial advice about engagement rings and investments. A fan compared him to Tate but Strickland didn't appreciate the comparison. So, he called Tate a "scam artist."

What did Tate do? He defended himself. Tate explained his past business and took a jab at Strickland's career focus. Why did this happen? Strickland values financial wisdom. Tate claims he helped men emotionally. Their differing views sparked a heated online debate. 

Strickland schools us on savings

In the bustling world of social media, a tweet can ignite a firestorm in moments, and that’s exactly what happened with UFC fighter Sean Strickland.

His initial tweet was practical, maybe even mundane to some: “If you get married, don't buy a 5k ring. Buy a 500 dollar ring or less! Open a custodial account in a good mutual fund put 5k in the account, add slowly. When your kid turns 18 he will have school paid for a fraction of the cost. If your woman doesn't want that she ain't the one!"

This straightforward financial advice soon took a sharp turn when a fan responded, linking Strickland with controversial figure Andrew Tate: “kinda surprising he don’t fw tate cause they’re just two breeds of the same idiot.”

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Strickland and Tate clash over online business

Not one to let this slide, Strickland quickly retorted, distancing himself from Tate with clear disdain: “I don't 'fw with tate' because he is a scam artist. He manipulated and used men then joked about how much money they would give him while he pretended to be a woman. I don't understand how anyone can respect that.”

Andrew Tate, known for never backing down from a confrontation, jumped into the fray with a defense of his past endeavors and a jab at Strickland's priorities: “Well Sean. It’s true we had a cam company where the girls pretended to like men. Saved men from suicide and depression more often than you’d believe to have a girl across the world remember their birthdays. You’re worried about my income from over a decade ago, I suggest you instead focus on training. Retirement comes around quicker than you’ll realise.”


This exchange showcases not only the clash of personalities but also the diverging values each man brings to the public discourse. As they volleyed words, the online community buzzed with reactions, analyzing and taking sides in this unexpected war of words.

What do you think? Do you side with Strickland’s financial wisdom or Tate’s defense of his past actions? Share your thoughts and join the conversation!

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