Carlos Sainz Finally Opens Up About His Horrific Emergency Appendix Surgery Before Saudi Arabian GP: ‘I Could Die’

Read on for more on Carlos Sainz’s life-threatening emergency as he opens up on appendix surgery.

Published on Jun 19, 2024  |  03:41 PM IST |  47.3K
Key Highlight
  • What led to Carlos Sainz’s emergency?
  • Making a tough call to undergo surgery
  • What’s next for Carlos Sainz?

Carlos Saiz has bravely shared the details of his harrowing experience with appendicitis that led to emergency surgery just before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The doctors advised against racing “because something very serious could happen and I could die if my appendix burst," Sainz recalled.

The trouble began for Sainz with what he initially thought was a simple case of food poisoning. Upon arriving in Jeddah after a strong third-place finish in Bahrain, he began to experience severe symptoms. "On Thursday morning, I started to feel terrible," said Sainz. "I had a high fever and couldn't stop going to the bathroom."

What led to Carlos Sainz’s emergency?

Despite feeling extremely unwell, Sainz pushed through his media responsibilities and practice sessions on Friday. However, his condition continued to deteriorate. "I was exhausted because I didn’t eat, I had no energy, I was sweating more than usual – it was the hardest two practice sessions of my whole career," he explained. He later withdrew from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

By Friday morning, with no improvement in sight, Sainz decided to seek medical help. "I went to the hospital and got diagnosed with appendicitis," he said. The diagnosis was not straightforward, as his symptoms were atypical for appendicitis, but the doctors were convinced it was the issue.

The medical team quickly informed him of the severity of his condition. "They told me that if the appendix burst, I could die and the operation would be three times as long," Sainz recounted. Realizing the gravity of the situation, he agreed to undergo immediate surgery.


Making a tough call to undergo surgery

Sainz's initial focus was on whether he could still participate in the race. "I was still only thinking about F1 and I wanted to race," he admitted. However, the doctors firmly rejected the idea, emphasizing the risks involved. 

Faced with no other choice, Sainz underwent the emergency procedure. The surgery was successful, and he immediately felt better. "As soon as I got it removed, I felt back to normal, obviously with surgery," he said.

Post-surgery, Sainz focused intensely on his recovery to ensure he would be ready for the Australian Grand Prix. "The recovery I was told would be about 10-14 days without physical exercise," he shared. Despite the tight timeline, he managed to return and compete, even securing a victory in Australia.

What’s next for Carlos Sainz?

"With me fighting for my future in the sport, I had to show my dedication," he said. Despite the setback of losing his Ferrari seat, Sainz remains focused on his career and upcoming races. He is now looking to finish the season on a high and with a seat.


With 9 seats looking to be filled for the 2025 grid, Sainz will try to score a seat which will help his career progress. The frontrunners for him look to be Williams, Mercedes or the Audi Sauber in 2026. While there are different avenues open to him, it’s left to be seen which direction he decides to go.

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