Carmelo Anthony Reveals Why Kobe Bryant Couldn't Stand New Lakers Coach JJ Redick

After months of searching for a new head coach, the Los Angeles Lakers have chosen ESPN analyst JJ Redick for the position. However, NBA legend Kobe Bryant might not have approved of this decision, according to Carmelo Anthony. Here’s why

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Carmelo Anthony Reveals Why Kobe Bryant Disliked JJ Redick

In a segment on 7PM in Brooklyn, NBA legend Carmelo Anthony revealed why Lakers legend Kobe Bryant had issues with JJ Redick back in the day. Anthony recalled that during their time on Team USA, Kobe lost his cool when head coach Mike Krzyzewski kept praising Redick.

Recently, the Los Angeles Lakers announced the hiring of J.J. Redick as their new head coach, which stirred mixed reactions from fans and analysts. One person who would have had a strong opinion on this move is the late Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant, according to Carmelo Anthony.

When Kobe Bryant went off on J.J. Redick

Redick tried out for Team USA's Olympic squad in 2008 and faced tough treatment from Kobe Bryant. Anthony mentioned that the Lakers icon "couldn't stand" the Duke player. On his 7PM in Brooklyn podcast with The Kid Mero, Anthony explained how Bryant went particularly hard on Redick, who had a connection with then-USA coach Mike Krzyzewski from Duke.

Anthony said, "I remember Kobe couldn't stand JJ Redick. [Kobe] got tired of Coach K talking about JJ Redick. Kob took it very, very personally to the point where he was running through screens in practice, he was denying JJ the ball, fouling the sh*t out of him…”

He continued, “I'm like, 'Damn why you treating the young boy like that?' [He like], 'Fu*k that mo****fu*ker.' Coach K keep talking about this m*****f***er like he come here to do something. F**k this mot**rfu*ker, I'm gonna show you today. [Kobe] didn't let JJ Redick score in practice."


"The moral of the story is Kobe took it personal on JJ Redick in practice, because he got tired of [how] Coach K kept talking about JJ Redick," Anthony continued.

Anthony laughed that Bryant wouldn’t let Redick score at all in practice. Anthony and Bryant won a gold medal with the 2008 squad, which included Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, and current Lakers superstar LeBron James, among others. 

This story surfaced as Redick, whose name came up during the Lakers’ head coaching search, agreed to a four-year deal to become the next coach of the storied franchise, as reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. 

The late Bryant, who tragically died in a helicopter crash in 2020, won five championships with the Lakers, playing for them from 1996-2016.

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Candidates to join JJ Redick’s Lakers coaching staff


Since JJ Redick became a notable candidate during the coaching search, surrounding him with experienced staff was crucial. This was a downfall for previous head coach Darvin Ham, a first-time NBA head coach who assembled a staff with no experience, leading to some obvious issues.

Now that Redick has secured the job, he must quickly assemble his staff with the NBA Draft approaching. It’s a tight deadline, but it needs to be done swiftly so he and the front office can make key decisions together. 

Fortunately, candidates for his coaching staff have already been mentioned, including Scott Brooks, Rajon Rondo, and Jared Dudley.

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