Chiefs Star QB Patrick Mahomes Predicted To Become Michael Jordan Of NFL For THIS Reason

Patrick Mahomes is the best player in the NFL and that has led to his comparison with another great of a different sport, Michael Jordan. Many pundits believe that Mahomes could be MJ of NFL.


Growing up, Patrick Mahomes aspired to become a professional basketball player like Michael Jordan or Allen Iverson. Football might not have had one of its best players if only his growth didn’t stop in his rookie year.

After defeating the Baltimore Ravens on the road in the AFC Championship on Sunday, former MVP Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs advanced to their fourth Super Bowl in five years. Mahomes didn’t have a spectacular game, but the Chiefs did enough to hold off the Ravens all afternoon and win the conference championship.


With the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes is a delight to watch. As the starting quarterback of the team, Mahomes has achieved historic success with them.

Because of his remarkable performances for the Chiefs, there have been discussions about whether he will ever be regarded as the greatest NFL player of all time, like how some fans view Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player of all time.

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What did Dick Vitale have to say?

Dick Vitale, a legend in college basketball, recently discussed his views on Facebook:

“I'm just wondering aloud if Patrick Mahomes will end up being the National Football League's Michael Jordan," wrote Vitale.

He added, "He is incredibly talented and youthful. Many people believed in the middle of the season that the Chiefs would not be able to win the Super Bowl twice in a row, but he disproved everyone."

A lot of critics also claimed that Mahomes had never won a playoff game while playing on the road when the NFL playoffs first began. After stopping in Buffalo first, they continued to Baltimore, and the rest is history.

Mahomes’ achievements at an early age

Mahomes is 28 years old, but he would probably be inducted into the Hall of Fame if he retired following this season. He has been selected for five All-Teams and six Pro Bowls in his seven seasons.

Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to an incredible comeback victory over the San Francisco 49ers, earning him MVP honours for Super Bowl LIV. Before turning 25, he became the first quarterback in NFL history to win both an MVP and a Super Bowl.

With 28,424 yards of passing experience, he has 219 touchdowns and 63 interceptions. In a few weeks, Mahomes will have the opportunity to defeat the 49ers in the Super Bowl, adding to his already illustrious resume.


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