Conor McGregor Explains Why He Pulled Out From UFC 303 Despite Fighting With Injuries Before

Conor McGregor reveals why he chose to withdraw from UFC 303, prioritizing health over history. Discover his reasoning and share your thoughts!

Published on Jun 24, 2024  |  11:34 AM IST |  129.8K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

Conor McGregor, known for his toughness, has pulled out of UFC 303. Why now, when he’s fought through pain before? The former double champ opened up at Bellator Dublin, sharing insights into his decision. It's not just about an injury; it's about giving fans the full McGregor experience, unhindered and at his peak.

Haven’t we seen him push past limits in the past? Yes, but this time, he's thinking long-term—ensuring his performance matches the hype. How does this shift reflect on his career? And what does it mean for his legacy?

McGregor admits past mistakes

At Bellator Dublin, Conor McGregor didn't just address his withdrawal from UFC 303; he provided a thoughtful explanation that revealed much about his current mindset. "I've made the walk a few times under similar circumstances and for what?" McGregor questioned, reflecting on his past decisions to fight through injuries.

McGregor echoes with the statement of the doctor, who said that this injury was enough for a pull out. Continuing, McGregor emphasized the importance of not just appearing in the octagon but being in prime condition to perform.

"Okay, if I was in a different part of my career and as I have done, as I've proven, I've made the walk. I've taken those chances," he admitted, acknowledging his past resilience. Now, he sees the bigger picture: "The fans don't deserve to see the fighters walk in there hindered and then hear about it after."


McGregor blames training mishap for withdrawal

This sentiment underscores a matured perspective towards his fighting career and his responsibilities towards his fans. McGregor detailed the minor yet impactful training mishap that led to his decision.

"This was a minor, just a little lapse in concentration where we didn't put on our protective gear and the training around the cameras got a little bit elevated and a little injury happened," he explained.

Such an incident might have been brushed aside in the past, but McGregor is no longer willing to compromise his performance or his health. "It's very, very fixable," he assured, signaling his near readiness but steadfast refusal to rush the recovery.

This careful approach is a testament to his evolved understanding of what it means to be a professional athlete in front of a global audience. "The next time the fans will see me will be 100% Conor McGregor," he promised, setting the stage for a comeback that's not just about returning, but returning at his absolute best.


What do you think of his decision to pull out for the sake of a full recovery? Are you excited to see a fully prepared Conor McGregor in the octagon? Share your thoughts. 

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