Dana White Opens Up on Kim Kardashian Getting ‘Booed the S**t Out’ During Tom Brady’s Netflix Roast

Dana White reveals why Kim Kardashian faced harsh boos at Tom Brady's roast on Netflix. Discover the surprising reasons behind the crowd's reaction! Read now!

Published on Jun 24, 2024  |  01:06 PM IST |  58.4K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

Tom Brady's Netflix roast was supposed to be a night of laughs, right? Well, things got a little awkward for Kim Kardashian. As she stepped up to roast the football legend, the crowd erupted in boos! What was supposed to be a playful jab turned into a full-on boo fest.

Was it something she said? Did the A-lister crowd clash with die-hard football fans? Dana White, UFC president and fellow roast attendee, spills the tea on why Kim Kardashian got the ultimate audience takedown.

Dana White explains Kim K's roast night nightmare

During an appearance on the Club Shay Shay podcast with Shannon Sharpe, Dana White shared his insights on the incident involving Kim Kardashian at Tom Brady's roast. White started by saying, "Kim Kardashian, and I don't know what's true and what's not true, but what is true, they booed the sh*t out of her."

The boos were so intense that Jeff Ross, the event's 'Roastmaster General,' had to step in. Ross stood up and told the crowd, "Come on, everybody stop." White explained, "You have to understand, when you looked around the crowd, everyone was wearing football jerseys. It's just not a Kardashian crowd."

Despite the hostile reception, Kardashian continued her performance. White commended her bravery, saying, "She powered through it, she did her set, and whatever. It takes a lot of balls to get up there and do that, and she did it."


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White attributed the negative reaction to the crowd's composition, filled with sports fans who might not resonate with Kardashian's brand. He highlighted that Kardashian faced a tough crowd but managed to deliver her set with remarkable composure.

Dana White's 'short' roast

Dana White certainly didn't hold back during his brief but fiery stint at the microphone. "Not my thing, so I'm going to keep this short like Gronk’s bus," he joked, setting a light-hearted tone. But his mood shifted quickly as he voiced his displeasure with the limited time.

"Actually, let me get into this real quick. It pisses me off. I flew all the way out here, and you guys give me 60 seconds," Dana expressed his frustration, clearly wanting more than the allotted minute.

He then took a bold turn, poking fun at political correctness, "My name is Dana. Is that not trans enough for you liberal f**ks?" Before zeroing in on Tom Brady with playful jabs about his athleticism and personal life, adding, "You led the league for 20 years and passing as a straight guy. Come on."


What do you think about Dana's remarks and the crowd's reaction to Kim? Was it all in good fun, or did some lines get crossed?

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