Did Rey Mysterio Really Get Special Permission From Lucha Libre Commission To Wear Mask in WWE After Losing It in WCW?

Rey Mysterio had worn a mask in WWE much against his Mexico tribe’s permission after losing it. So, how did that happen? Check out

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Rey Mysterio’s mask is sacred. It’s a part of the Lucha Libre Commission culture of Mexico, where every wrestler wears a mask. But there is a condition. If a wrestler loses his mask, he cannot wear it for the rest of his wrestling career. 

So, Rey Mysterio wore that mask for the beginning of his wrestling career, until he lost it in 1997 at WCW’s Superbrawl IX. That was a tag match with Konnan against Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, and the stipulation was that if he loses the bout, he loses the mask. That was heartbreaking for Rey, but the then WCW Manager, Eric Bishoff, was after his life to take that mask off. Rey obliged.

However, when he made his WWE debut in 2002, Rey wore that mask once again. That was breaking the rule of a tradition from where he comes from. How did that happen?

Did Rey Mysterio get permission to wear a mask again?

It is believed that Rey got permission from his Libre Libre Commission to wear that mask again. But this is what everyone says. There is no primary or secondary source to back this fact, and neither has Rey ever mentioned this thing.

All he has revealed is that when he went to Mexico with WWE, “they” which possibly means his tribe, didn’t want him to wrestle with the mask on. But when he did fight with the mask on, there was no negative reaction. “At the end of the night, they were like, it's cool,” Rey said.

So, it’s clear that he didn’t take any type of special permission from the tribe, and he put it back on because former WWE boss Vince McMahon wanted him to.


Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer was asked this question in 2018 about how Rey continued the tradition after losing it. He replied that the rules were less strict than they were before, and this is the reason why he was allowed to wear it once again in WWE.

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What did Rey Mysterio say about winning that mask again in WWE?

In an interview with Ryan Statin in 2021, Mysterio said  that just a week before his WWE debut, when he was training at the Ohio Wrestling Valley (OWV), he was asked which gear he would wear. He replied that he had no mask, as he had lost it.

He was told that Vince McMahon wanted him to wear the mask at any cost. “They were like, ‘Where is the mask?’ ‘Well, I lost the mask.’ In Lucha Libre, if you lose the mask, you never put it back on. They were like, ‘No, Vince wants you to come back with the mask,” he said.


Rey Mysterio quit WWE in 2015 and came back once again in 2018. Since then, he has been involved in numerous storylines with his son, Dominik. At the age of 49, Mysterio is also a few years away from his WWE retirement. 

Since his WWE debut in 2002, Rey has always worn it in WWE. Recently, he said that he wants his son, Dominik to continue this tradition of wear mak after facing him in a match, where there’s a stipulation for it.

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