Donald Trump Reveals He Asked Dana White to Create UFC Style Fight League for Migrants: 'Not the Worst Idea I’ve Ever Had’

Donald Trump suggests creating a UFC-style fight league for migrants, calling it not his worst idea.

Published on Jun 25, 2024  |  04:01 PM IST |  43K
Donald Trump

Dana White might have a new project on his hand, courtesy Donald Trump. It is quite well known that Donald Trump and migrants do not have the smoothest of relations. Right from his presidential days, Trump has been dismissive towards the migrants in the US. 

Trump previously went on to the extent of terming the illegal migrants as ‘vermins’. The former US President also accused them of ‘poisoning the blood’ of America. And although these words have created huge backlashes, Donald Trump seems to have remained unfazed. 

Fast forward to 2024, and Donald Trump is once again in the news. This time, he has suggested a UFC-style fighting league for the migrants. 

Donald Trump pokes fun at illegal migrants

Trump attended a gathering in Washington, DC, on Saturday. While addressing the crowd, the former POTUS came up with an idea that was quite shocking. Referring to the migrants’ issue in the US, Trump stated that he wanted a UFC-themed fight league for the migrants. 

Stressing the seriousness of his proposal, Trump also mentioned suggesting the same to the UFC head honcho, Dana White. Trump then went on to elaborate on his plans for the league. He stated that the migrants will fight it out among themselves to have a champion. 

Then the migrant’s champion will lock horns against an UFC champion. The ex-US President further called the migrants “nasty, mean and tough people”, while backing his idea. 


Later in the day, Trump said that Dana White was not very excited about the proposal. But Trump thought that it was “not the worst idea I’ve ever had”. And as expected, a huge backlash has ensued. 

Donald Trump’s words termed as ‘dehumanizing’

Soon after Trump’s statements went viral, MSNBC arranged for a panel discussion. Analyst Vaughn Hillyard immediately contemplated the former President’s words with disdain. Vaughn compared Trump’s idea to the modern version of Gladiator in America. The analyst further warned the voters that if Trump regains power, these “dehumanizing” ideas might well be put to exercise. 

Well, it is not known whether Donald Trump said these words seriously or in good humor. Being an ardent fan of the UFC, this might just be a fragment of Trump’s imagination. But as it stands, Trump’s statements have been interpreted as inhuman. And thus, it is up to the ex-POTUS to determine how he will control the damage. 


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