Fact Check: Will The Rock face old rival Triple H at WrestleMania 40? Find out

Since The Rock is not facing Roman Reigns for a match at WrestleMania 40, is there a possibility that The Great One will face his old rival and the current COO Triple H in a historic match?

Published on Feb 20, 2024  |  09:38 AM IST |  130.8K
The Rock and Triple H had shot a promo in 2014 but the match never took place.

Ever since The Rock’s match against Roman Reigns for the main event of WrestleMania 40 got shelved, there have been several speculations on who ‘The People’s Champ’ will fight in the marquee event. A few days back, a rumor gathered momentum that The Rock had shot a promo with WWE COO Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, and the two could get into a match. 

It gathered more mileage when Triple H appeared in a SmackDown episode on February 9, 2024, the night after the WrestleMania Kickoff press meet, and took potshots against The Rock. Replying to The Rock’s nudge the previous night, over the conduct of Cody Rhodes, Triple H said that “some people try to assert their authority when they don’t have any.”

This led the fans to believe that a match could be on the cards, with The Rock coming up with a reply the next week. However, the truth is something else.

Is The Rock facing Triple H at WrestleMania 40?

According to sports journalist Aaron Varble, there is absolutely no substance in the fact that The Rock is facing Triple H at WrestleMania 40. Moreover, he also confirmed that no promo was filmed, let alone a match taking place.


The news has been confirmed by PWInsider that the match isn’t happening at all. “There is absolutely zero truth to the idea that was even filmed, much less that it's going to happen. I'm not sure where that started but it seemed as if the alleged verbiage was actually from a faceoff the two had nearly a decade ago for a tease of a bout that never actually happened. There's not a lot that I would say can never happen in WWE, but Paul Levesque returning for a main event level match after his heart issues - that one I absolutely do not see, especially if people are assuming it based on such a silly report, ” Varble quoted PWInsider.

The Rock had Triple H film a promo in 2014, during The Rock’s special appearance on SmackDown, but the match could never see the light of day.

Why the match cannot happen ?

Triple H’s cardiac event in 2021 eventually forced him into retirement in April 2022. The Game had a massive heart failure, which resulted in a 15-hour surgery and required the implementation of an ICD.

This made it impossible for him to ever wrestle inside the ring. Thereby, not just The Rock, Triple H also shall not fight with any other wrestler or indulge in any action inside the ring. 

Who will The Rock face then?

The Rock’s opponent at WrestleMania 40 is still a mystery. It is not clear who he will face in most probably the last WrestleMania of his career. The rumors suggest that he might get into a tag-team match with Roman Reigns against Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes on Night 1 of WrestleMania 40.


The buzz is also that The Rock and Cody Rhodes get into a match, and ‘The Great One’ puts Cody over to push him for the mega event on Night 2 against Roman Reigns. 

However, all of this is just speculation and there is no official word from the company. As of now, The Rock will be on the side of Roman Reigns against the match with Cody Rhodes at the main event of WrestleMania 40.

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