Gisele Bundchen is Secure and Happy After Parting Ways With Tom Brady; Reveals Insider

Gisele Bundchen is reported to have grown better following her divorce from Tom Brady. An insider revealed that the Brazilian Model feels more secure and happy. Read more details below.

Published on Jun 18, 2024  |  12:02 AM IST |  69.7K
Image Courtesy: Getty
Image Courtesy: Getty

As per People’s report, Gisele Bundchen has gotten better since her divorce from Tom Brady. An insider revealed that Bundchen is secure and happy. She has been busy with her life. She doesn’t have time to think about the negatives. 

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady married each other in 2009 after dating for three years. The couple are parents to son Benjamin and daughter Vivian. They got divorced in October 2022. Brady and Bundchen had realized that their goals weren’t the same as before. 

Gisele Bundchen on her divorce from Tom Brady

Bundchen believes that not having similar goals doesn’t mean one doesn’t love the person. But it prevents you from being authentic. It hinders oneself from truly living the life that one wants to live. 

Tom Brady’s ex-wife claimed that having somebody who can meet in the middle is better. She considers it a balance, a dance. Bundchen added that people in love don’t put each other in a cage. They don’t tell them to live a particular life.

Gisele Bundchen said that true lovers let each other be free. They allow each other to set sail in whichever direction they want. If they fly in the same direction, it’s amazing. Bundchen recently skipped the Met Gala 2024 to spend time with her family. It was reported that she has a full life. 

Gisele Bundchen’s relationship with Joaquim Valente


Bundchen was spotted with Joaquim Valente on Saturday, 15 June. The pair were reported to have broken up. The couple are good friends but they don’t have any love affair. Bundchen’s son used to take jiu-jitsu lessons from Valente. 

After the divorce from Brady, Bundchen and Valente’s friendship turned into romance. Valente is said to be a nice and down-to-earth guy. It was pretty obvious for the two of them to fall in love. 

“Where my heart is now is where I am right now. I’m living my truth and not apologizing for it, " Bundchen said earlier this year. She had moved pretty far away from Brady’s life until Tom Brady’s Netflix Roast happened. Bundchen was brutally trolled on the show. 

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