‘He’s Not Michael Jordan’: Stephen A. Smith Criticizes Scottie Pippen for Joining ‘No Bull Tour’ To Undermine Michael Jordan’s Legacy

Stephen A. Smith criticizes Scottie Pippen for joining ‘No Bull Tour’ to undermine Michael Jordan’s legacy. Learn more


Scottie Pippen, a former star of the Chicago Bulls, is presenting his grievances with Michael Jordan to an international forum.

Renowned sports commentator, Stephen A. Smith, has publicly criticized Pippen's actions on his 'No Bull' tour; a criticism which was originally reported by NBC Sports Chicago.

Since ESPN's 2020 release of "The Last Dance" docuseries, Pippen has seized almost every opportunity to criticize it.


While Pippen has been the most outspoken, he's certainly not the only one challenging Michael Jordan's portrayal of the '90s Bulls dynasty. This week, he was joined by Horace Grant and Luc Longley on a tour across Australia to deliver their versions of the story.

The live tour, aptly named "No Bull", started in Tasmania on Friday, Feb. 23, and will proceed to Melbourne and Sydney over the next week.

For the majority of fans and the general public, whose rendition of the events is more accurate hardly matters. Competing against Jordan in the public's court of opinion is almost certain to result in a loss.

This sentiment was echoed by Stephen A. Smith on Friday's episode of "First Take". He scolded Pippen for participating in a battle that had already been settled.

"Scottie Pippen is going to embarrass himself," Smith said. "Everybody knows he's not Michael Jordan, he never was. Regardless of his objections, the facts remain. 


His refusal to participate in a game because Phil Jackson didn't call on him is well-documented. He is a six-time champion, and even Michael Jordan refers to him as his greatest teammate of all time. But he persists in objecting to his portrayal in the docuseries, which is a major error."

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Bulls Legends Tour: The Untold Stories of 'The Last Dance

Three stars from the 1990s Chicago Bulls - Pippen, Horace Grant, and Luc Longley - have unveiled their plans to tour, aimed at presenting their perspective of "The Last Dance" documentary.

In partnership with Australia's National Basketball League, they'll share a unique, personal recount of Michael Jordan's championship dynasty.

Kendrick Perkins responded to Smith's point, insisting that every story has three sides.

"Every story comprises Jordan's version, Pippen and his colleagues' interpretation, then the fact," he stated.


Perkins underlined that Jordan's rendition of the events resulted in the undeserved vilification of former Bulls GM Jerry Krause.

Pippen dutifully supported Jordan as his right-hand man during all six championship runs. Grant played as a pivotal part of Bulls from 1987-1994, and Longley was enlisted for the second three-peat, starting in 1994.

"Many people would like to ask us about that deceptive documentary; instead, get the tickets and you'll hear plenty," Grant commented this week while publicizing the tour.

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