'He's Terrified Of Me': KSI Believes Jake Paul Is Scared of Fighting Him

In a recent video, KSI accuses Jake Paul of being afraid of fighting him in the boxing ring. Read on to know more!

Published on Jun 29, 2024  |  05:03 PM IST |  65.5K
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KSI(left) and Jake Paul(right)

British YouTuber KSI recently shared his thoughts on the long-awaited fight against Jake Paul. He reveals how slim the likelihood is for the fight. He also goes off on The Problem Child’s scheduled fight against Mike Perry.

KSI and Jake Paul’s rivalry goes way back. Both contenders have shared their pure hatred for each other on multiple occasions. Despite wanting to step into the ring and face each other, these YouTubers have not negotiated for a professional bout.

KSI says Jake Paul is scared to fight him

When it comes to the most hostile YouTuber feuds, it is safe to say that Jake Paul and KSI share the top spot. Both professional fighters have taken a swing at each other online and on multiple media appearances.

A fight between the two has been brewing for a long time due to the said rivalry. However, the pair started calling each other out in 2018, and the fans have not received a fight as of 2024. KSI and Jake Paul blame each other for the matter.

In a recent video, KSI addressed the Jake Paul fight. Starting off with acknowledging the fans’ desperate need to witness the action-packed clash, the Brit believes The Problem Child is afraid of him. 

“Jake Paul doesn’t want to fight me. He’s terrified of me,” said KSI in a video titled, ‘KSI VS JAKE ISN’T HAPPENING.’ This revelation has seemingly upset fans due to the hype this particular YouTube fight carried.


KSI also went after Jake Paul for fighting Mike Perry. The British YouTuber believes the match-up to be easy as the BKFC star is a bare-knuckle prospect. Calling The Problem Child ‘a weight bully,’ the rapper also believes Perry is an inefficient fighter in the heavyweight class.

KSI also shared his manager’s Whatsapp text conversations with Paul’s camp and believed they are avoiding the fight against him.

Judging by the recent remarks from both camps, the fight appears invalid. KSI and Jake Paul might continue to possess a strong hatred for each other throughout their career. 

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Eddie Hearn laughs at KSI’s upcoming boxing match

KSI recently challenged YouTubers Slim and Anthony Taylor for a 2v1 boxing match. This proposition is a step ahead for the British YouTuber to display his abilities and skills in the sport. 


Owner of Matchroom Boxing Eddie Hearn recently shared his thoughts on this potential fight. Calling the bout ‘gimmicks,’ he believes this fight to be obscene. The popular boxing promoter, who has praised KSI on several occasions, took shots at him for this bout.

“At least people know it’s not real boxing,” said Eddie Hearn. The Brit also believes this fight is an unpromotable bout due to the tag team aspect of the fight. Disregarding Anthony Taylor, he predicted KSI to win a 1v1 fight against Slim.

Hearn has referred to the Misfits Boxing fights as ‘gimmicks’ on several occasions. Eddie was responsible for the KSI vs Logan Paul 2 fight, and claimed he is disinterested in putting on further fights in the YouTube space.

With KSI’s recent dismissal of the fight against Jake Paul, fans are disappointed. Although they wanted to witness a showdown between the YouTubers, the British completely shut down the idea of the much-anticipated bout.

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