How Many Triple Plays Have Been Turned In MLB History? Exploring Rare Baseball Feat

MLB Triple plays are considered a miracle or magic happening during the game. Here’s how many triple plays have been turned in the game’s history.

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Second baseman Eric Bruntlett #4 of the Philadelphia Phillies ends the game with an unassisted triple play [Credit-Getty Images]
Second baseman Eric Bruntlett #4 of the Philadelphia Phillies ends the game with an unassisted triple play [Credit-Getty Images]

In baseball, a triple play (denoted as TP in baseball statistics) is the act of making three outs during the same play. Since 1876, Major League Baseball (MLB) has recorded just 736 triple plays. The average is a little over five per season.

A triple play in baseball occurs when a team dismisses three opposing players in a single play. This necessitates the presence of at least two runners and is typically triggered by a ball hit to one of the infielders.

An unassisted triple play is even more unusual when a single fielder eliminates three opposing players in a single play. Jiggs Donahue, Billy Gilbert, and Bill Friel of the Milwaukee Brewers pulled out the first triple play in major league history against the Chicago White Stockings in 1901. 

Which team played the most recent Triple Play?

On Monday, June 24, 2024, the Philadelphia Phillies accomplished a remarkable achievement in Detroit, owing in part to a nasty error by the Tigers. The Phillies converted a triple play in the third inning of their 8-1 victory over the Tigers at Comerica Park, the league's first successful triple play of the season. 

According to Jayson Stark of The Athletic, it was the Phillies' first triple play since 2017, as well as the first 1-3-5 triple play in Major League Baseball since 1929. Surprisingly, that triple play was also executed by the Tigers in Detroit.

With the Phillies leading 4-0, Detroit's Matt Vierling broke his bat and launched a line shot directly at Philadelphia pitcher Aaron Nola. After grabbing the first out, Nola threw the ball first to get catcher Carson Kelly out after he already bolted for second.


With plenty of time remaining, the Phillies threw it to third base to complete the last out of the inning, as shortstop Zach McKinstry had already raced home from third. McKinstry looked to be unaware of what had transpired, as he was already over the home plate when the Phillies threw to third base getting the Triple Play.

Which team has the most Triple Plays in MLB history?

The Detroit Tigers have recorded the most triple plays (33). However, the Baltimore Orioles franchise can boast a total of 36. They made 12 as the Baltimore Orioles (1954-present), 23 as the St. Louis Browns (1902-1953), and one as the Milwaukee Brewers (1901). 

This excludes the three TPs created by the Baltimore Orioles in 1901 and 1902, who later became the New York Highlanders/Yankees in 1903. The Minnesota Twins franchise ranks third with 30 triple slaughters. They won 20 games as the original Washington Senators (1901-1960), and another ten since moving to Minnesota (1961-present).


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