LeBron James Is Among World’s Top 1,000 Madden NFL Players, Says Anthony Davis

During a fun chat on the Join The Lobby podcast, Anthony Davis spilled the beans about LeBron James' epic rise to the top 1,000 Madden NFL players.

Published on Jun 16, 2024  |  04:01 PM IST |  80.1K
LeBron James Among World’s Top 1,000 Madden NFL Players
LeBron James and Anthony Davis (PC: Getty Images)

LeBron James has been a dominant force in basketball for nearly 22 years, showcasing elite performances and consistency. However, basketball isn’t the only area where LeBron excels. 

According to his teammate and friend, Anthony Davis, LeBron is also one of the top 1,000 Madden NFL players in the world. This revelation came during an episode of the Join The Lobby podcast hosted by FaZe Clan's Swagg and Matcrackz.

Anthony Davis reveals LeBron James’ Madden NFL mastery

On the Join The Lobby podcast, Anthony Davis shared a surprising insight into LeBron’s gaming skills. In conversation with the hosts, when the topic of Madden NFL game came up on the podcast, Davis, a known gaming enthusiast, mentioned how he used to consistently beat LeBron in their early Madden matchups.

However, the competitive spirit in LeBron motivated him to improve his Madden NFL gameplay. Davis elaborated that LeBron took the challenge seriously and dedicated a lot of time to enhancing his Madden skills. 

According to AD, LeBron has become one of the top 1,000 Madden players globally. Especially from their time in the NBA bubble to the present, LeBron’s Madden skills have improved significantly. During the late season, LeBron even mentioned to AD that he had beaten the 164th-best player in the world and played around 15 to 20 games a day to sharpen his skills.


LeBron’s Madden NFL history

LeBron James’ dominance in EA Madden NFL games is well-documented. He has been posting pictures of his Madden victories on his social media for a long time. 

Once LeBron crushed rapper Doe Boy in a Madden NFL 24 game and the rapper was shocked. He acknowledged LeBron's superior Madden skills. 

The video posted by Doe Boy captured a moment where LeBron scored a touchdown, adding to the rapper's frustration.

In addition to his competitive spirit, LeBron has shown respect and sportsmanship to fans during his Madden NFL gaming sessions. In one notable instance, LeBron defeated a fan 67-0 in Madden NFL 24, and then he praised that fan for displaying resilience by not quitting the game. Though LeBron apologized for absolutely destroying his opponent: "My apologies."

LeBron’s instagram story (PC: LeBron’s Instagram - kingjames )

LeBron's Madden NFL gaming abilities have attracted attention beyond the music industry. He accepted a Madden challenge from NFL star Micah Parsons, with a Lakers jersey at stake, creating excitement across both sports. LeBron's foray into virtual gaming extends beyond the Madden challenge as he considers live-streaming his EA Madden NFL games. 


The 39-year-old NBA superstar has engaged with his fans on social media, and is seeking guidance on the preferred streaming platform. The potential streaming venture has sparked interest and responses from prominent figures, including Twitch's CEO Dan Clancy and Kick's Adin Ross, who wish to bring LeBron to their respective platforms. So whether on the court or the console, LeBron's excellence knows no bounds.

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