Liv Morgan Recreates Viral Hawk Tuah Meme With Hilarious Imitation Of Her Own

Liv Morgan recreates viral hawk tuah meme in yet another targeted flirtatious attempt at Dominik Mysterio. Read on to know what she did.

Published on Jun 24, 2024  |  06:01 PM IST |  92.9K
WWE superstar, Liv Morgan. Photo: Instagram

Liv Morgan, the current WWE Women’s Champion, has been showing a more wild and flirtatious side lately. Her antics towards Dominik Mysterio seem to be escalating. It's unclear what her intentions are, but Morgan is definitely taking advantage of the opportunities left by Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley in WWE.

Morgan’s kissing segment with Dominik went viral on social media, and now she's staying up-to-date with other internet trends to maintain her popularity. Lately, Morgan hopped on the 'Hawk Tuah' trend and incorporated the meme into her character and the ongoing WWE storyline.


What is the Hawk Tuah trend, and how Liv Morgan cashed in on it?

The Hawk Tuah meme originated from a Nashville woman who, during an open interview with YouTuber Tim and Dee TV, shared some uncensored bedroom advice.

She was asked what could drive a man crazy, and she said, “You have got to give it that 'hawk tuah' and spit on that thang...". Her boldness in expressing those words quickly caught on and became a viral sensation on social media. Check out the video here: .

The post became viral within 48 hours, and the woman behind that phrase is now among the most popular people in the world. So, Liv Morgan also tried to cash in on that opportunity.


She was at a WWE LIVE event, and after her performance when she was asked how she felt, Morgan simply said, ““Oh, I feel so good. I just gotta give this thing that good ol’ hawk tuah, spit on this thang, and we’re good to go.”


Morgan was though referring to her WWE Championship, but her statement had an undertone that simply pointed toward Dominik Mysterio. 

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Fans divided on Morgan’s Hawk Tuah comment

Some fans on social media have mixed feelings about Morgan incorporating a social media trend into her story. While a few fans have shown their love for it, others are not impressed. One user commented, “The sooner she gets rid of the title, the better.” Another user expressed, “I'm not the only one who isn't a fan of this, right?” A third user stated, “She shouldn't joke about spitting on that title. People didn't even like it when titles were thrown down.”



However, there were a lot of fans too, who simply loved Morgan for her creativity. One fan wrote, “You lil savage you.” Another mentioned, “That Hawk Tuah is now mandatory. A third said,”I was in love with Liv Morgan before this and now i’m even more in love after seeing this vid.”


Be that as it may, Liv Morgan is currently a top heel in the company. Her kissing segment with Dominik, is amongst the most liked videos on X. Morgan, while targeting Dominik, is also hobnobbing with Finn Balor, which might lead to a potential rift in the Judgement Day group. And then, Rhea Ripley might return someday, to exact her revenge on Morgan.

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