Michael Venom Page Calls Out Ian Garry for Being ‘Fake Version’ of Conor McGregor Ahead of UFC 303 Clash

Michael Page criticizes Ian Garry, calling him a McGregor copycat ahead of UFC 303. Will Garry prove him wrong in the octagon? Share your thoughts!

Published on Jun 26, 2024  |  07:55 PM IST |  56.1K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

The tension between Ian Machado Garry and Michael “Venom” Page is reaching new heights. Page recently called Garry a “fake version” of Conor McGregor. What does this mean for their upcoming fight at UFC 303? Page believes Garry is trying too hard to mimic McGregor.

He thinks Garry should carve his own path. Is Garry’s admiration for McGregor a strength or a weakness? With UFC 303 just days away, the verbal jabs are flying.

Can Garry silence his critics and prove Page wrong? Or will Page's words ring true in the octagon? This fight promises not just action but a clash of identities.

Page urges Garry to ditch McGregor copycat routine

During a recent interview with ESPN MMA, Michael 'Venom' Page did not hold back. He had strong words for Ian Machado Garry, whom he previously labeled as the "BBL version" of Conor McGregor. Page was asked about this controversial nickname, and he eagerly elaborated.

"My thing is, he is a fake version of Conor McGregor," Page stated. He continued, "I understand he is inspired by him, but I think he is trying a bit too hard to walk the same path instead of walking his own path."

Page's criticism didn't stop there. Reflecting on his own career, he said, "I remember when I first got to MMA, everyone was like you’re the UK Anderson Silva. It is a compliment, and I appreciate it. But I did not try to follow his path."


Page believes that Garry’s attempts to emulate McGregor could lead to his downfall. "I think when you try too hard to fill someone else’s boots, you trip up," he added.

These comments added fuel to an already fiery buildup to UFC 303. Page’s perspective offers a sharp critique of Garry’s approach, suggesting that originality and authenticity are crucial in the fight game. As their bout approaches, fans are left wondering: Can Garry prove Page wrong and carve his own legacy, or will Page's prediction come true inside the octagon?

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Garry faces scrutiny and rising pressure

Being a known figure in MMA brings both attention and criticism, and Ian Garry knows this well. “I wish people knew the truth rather than lies,” Garry shared. “People were fed lies and facts that were not true, and people had not done their research. These people spread and talked, but not one person ever did their research or connected to me or my team about these rumors.”


As he prepares for his eighth UFC fight, Garry’s career is at a pivotal point. With an undefeated record and a spot in the welterweight top 10, the pressure is immense. Michael Page, despite being lower in the rankings, is a tricky opponent with an unconventional style. Garry, however, isn’t impressed.

“The truth is, he has fought the majority of his career against nobodies. MVP is phenomenal at what MVP does, and he can freeze people. These people never deserved to be in the ring with him in the first place.”

Can Garry silence his critics and carve out his own path, or will Page's words prove prophetic?

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