‘More Lies, More Misrepresentations’: Stephen A Smith Lashes Out at News Claiming His ‘Racially-Charged Issue’ With Caitlin Clark

Stephen A. Smith criticizes the media for claiming he has a racially-charged issue with Caitlin Clark. He reiterates his support for her talent amidst controversy.

Published on Jun 16, 2024  |  12:10 AM IST |  76.1K
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Stephen a smith and Caitlin Clark faceoff

There has been a huge opinion war going on with WNBA legend Caitlin Clark. But she is focused on her career and doesn’t respond much to her popularity or its racial implications. The athlete has been clear on her path. She is the No. 1 overall pick from Iowa and has been vocal about ignoring these "culture wars.” With much maturity, she stated she was here to play basketball, not to be a political prop. 

However, this didn't stop ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith from addressing the issue in a rant on First Take. The speaker has been famous for his random comments and opinions. Time and again, he recently argued that Clark’s race has played an important role in her media portrayal. His recent remarks focus on clarifying the previous opinion he had on Clark. Here’s what he adds.

Stephen A. Smith’s Take on racism and media bias

Smith has previously suggested that Clark’s status as a White athlete has granted her a level of attention and support that Black athletes with similar or even greater achievements often don't receive. 

He has added, "There’s a broader issue here that can’t be escaped," Smith said. "She is a white young lady, and she’s been a magnet in a way that has benefited the league in ways that others have not."


Smith connected this issue to broader societal problems, referencing former President Trump’s slogan, "Make America Great Again," which he interprets as having racial undertones. On June 15th, Smith took to his X handle and added his recent monologue about Caitlin Clark. The caption reads, “More lies. More misrepresentations. No surprise. Caitlin was fantastic in college and will be in the pros. I’ve said this repeatedly. I say it now. Most fans know this. But some give her the kind of support they’d never give others—just as deserving.”

Continuing, “Not all, but some.  said it. I meant it, and it’s been proven. We all know this. Twist it any way you want. But live with it. That’s America.#Facts.”

Smith made it clear that his critique was not of Clark personally but of the systemic biases that elevate certain athletes over others based on race.


Caitlin Clark’s response and focus on the game

Apart from this controversy, the Indiana Fever rookie remains focused on what she is here for, Basketball. She has consistently stated that she does not pay attention to these discussions and is committed to her sport. "It's not something I can control. I don't put too much thought and time into thinking about things like that," Clark said. She added that basketball is her “job” and everything on the outside is something she can’t control.

Clark’s response underscores her determination to excel in her career without getting sidetracked by external debates. Clark stated that people can talk about anything they want, but she would think for herself as she is just “here to play basketball.” Her focus on the game and her team’s success highlight her professionalism and dedication amidst the noise surrounding her. 

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