NBA Insider Reveals Golden State Warriors Reportedly Considering Paul George For Offseason Trade

Get the inside scoop! Reports suggest the Golden State Warriors are eyeing an offseason trade for Paul George. What could this mean for the team's future? Read to know more.

Updated on Jun 25, 2024  |  09:58 AM IST |  108.6K
Image Courtesy: Twitter
Image Courtesy: Twitter

This offseason, Paul George, a star player for the Los Clippers, might make a move. He has until Saturday to decide if he will enact his player option of $48.8 million for the forthcoming 2024-25 season.

His choice revolves around opting in and spending another year with the Clippers, or opting out, facilitating unrestricted free agency, or signing a contract extension to stay in Los Angeles.

The Clippers acquired Paul George back in 2019 via trade after his stints with the Indiana Pacers and the Oklahoma City Thunder. At Clipper, he maintains his status as a top-level two-way player, securing recognition on both the All-NBA Team and the All-Defensive Team on four occasions each.

Paul George's future in NBA trade talks and contract negotiations

Marc Stein, a renowned NBA insider, shared on Monday that a prevailing sentiment in the league suggests that NBA player, Paul George, will likely utilize his player option to compel the Clippers into considering a trade. Both the Golden State Warriors and New York are floated as potential teams with the means to broker a deal for the acquisition of the nine-time NBA All-Star.

If the Warriors angle for the 34-year-old George, they've got quite a task ahead of them. Contract negotiations between George and the Clippers have been ongoing since last season, but a consensus on terms eludes them.


While the Clippers wish for George to accept a somewhat smaller deal, akin to Kawhi Leonard's agreement, George himself appears determined to negotiate the most lucrative contract possible from the Clippers.

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Paul George's opt-in strategy following the playbook of NBA stars

As the strategic maneuvering of NBA contracts continues, George may opt-in. This move mirrors Kyrie Irving's approach to ensure his departure from the Brooklyn Nets while maintaining his pay.

Irving utilized his player option just days after expressing his desire to move, given that no other team in the free market of 2022 was willing to value him appropriately. Consequently, Irving played half the season for the Nets before the Dallas Mavericks traded for him and were able to offer him a $120 million contract last season, utilizing Bird rights.

James Harden has employed a similar tactic, committing to his contract with the 76ers the previous summer specifically to stimulate a forced trade to the Clippers. Now, with the Clippers possessing Harden's Bird rights, they can exceed the salary cap to secure him again.


Should George choose the opt-in route, it's likely an attempt to mirror the same approach to ensure a lucrative deal.

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