Paige VanZant Explains Bold Move to Power Slap and Reveals Husband’s Initial Reaction; DEETS

Discover why Paige VanZant chose Power Slap and her husband's surprising reaction to it. Dive into her bold journey and see what's next for '12 Gauge'. Read on!

Published on Jun 25, 2024  |  07:22 PM IST |  74.6K
Image Source: INSTAGRAM
Image Source: INSTAGRAM

Paige VanZant is making headlines again. Why? She’s stepping into Dana White's Power Slap league. But that's not all. Recently, she revealed fighting is now a "part-time hobby." Why the shift? It’s her OnlyF**s career that’s funding a lavish lifestyle. VanZant hasn’t fought in MMA since 2020. Yet, she stays active outside the octagon.

Her next challenge is against Christine Wolmarans on June 28. What drives her to slap fighting? She’s an adrenaline junkie seeking new thrills. Even her husband, Austin Vanderford, had his doubts. Curious about her journey? Let's dive into why VanZant chose this bold move and her husband's reaction.

Will Paige VanZant punch her way to Power Slap glory?

Paige VanZant is all set to make her debut in Power Slap on June 28 against Christine Wolmarans. In a recent video on the UFC's YouTube channel, she opened up about her decision to join this extreme sport.

"When I first saw Power Slap, I thought, holy sh*t, that’s insane," Paige said, clearly excited by the challenge. She explained that she loves crazy and exciting things, saying, "When I see stuff that is crazy and exciting, it instantly makes me want to do it."

Despite her enthusiasm, her husband Austin Vanderford wasn't initially on board. He expressed his concerns, sharing, "Crazy. It's almost like if I tell you I don't want you to do something, and it makes you want to do it more."


Paige, however, is driven by her need for adrenaline and competition. "I’m definitely an adrenaline junkie," she admitted. She emphasized her determination to succeed in this new arena, stating, "I need to take a belt home, that is the goal. I’m not going to go anywhere until I get the belt."

VanZant's shift to seeing fighting as a "part-time hobby" stems from her success on OnlyF**s. This new venture funds her luxurious lifestyle, allowing her to explore combat sports on her own terms. Despite the risks, she's ready to embrace the challenge and make her mark in Power Slap.

Joe Rogan's view on Paige's switch

Power Slap is the brainchild of UFC CEO Dana White. In this extreme sport, competitors take turns palm-striking each other in the face at point-blank range. It's already been sanctioned in multiple states, despite the obvious risk of serious brain injury. Joe Rogan, a close friend of Dana White and UFC commentator, isn't a fan of this fringe sport.


"What are we doing here?" Joe Rogan questioned. "It’s free brain damage. Like why? You can hit someone so hard with a slap. Everyone thinks of a slap as the palm on the face — that is not what’s happening. You’re getting palm struck in the face, full blast, from a full swing. How did this get sanctioned?"

Despite its roots in markets like Russia, the sport's safety concerns have sparked significant debate. What do you think about Paige's decision? Will she thrive in this new combat arena, or is the risk too high? Stay tuned to see how her journey unfolds. 

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