Reports: Dallas Mavericks 'Interested' in LeBron James' Son Bronny with Second-Round Draft Pick

Reports suggest Dallas Mavericks are eyeing LeBron James' son Bronny for second-round draft pick, potentially shaping future lineup. Read more

Published on Jun 16, 2024  |  12:04 PM IST |  56.4K
Image Courtesy: Twitter
Image Courtesy: Twitter

With the 2024 NBA Draft just under two weeks away, anticipation mounts over the prospective drafting location for Bronny James, celebrated son of LeBron James.

Many speculate that the Los Angeles Lakers may be Bronny's future team, possibly as a strategy to retain his father as LeBron's free-agency approaches. The idea of the Lakers selecting Bronny has some believing it could sway LeBron's decision about his next season's team play.

But new reports reveal another possible suitor for Bronny. Marc Stein reported on Saturday about the Mavericks' potential interest in Bronny.

"League sources say the Mavericks are considering Bronny James as their 58th overall pick in the forthcoming NBA Draft," Stein divulged. 

The Mavericks understand the slim chance of Bronny still being on the board at that stage. Current signs indicate that LeBron's 19-year-old son might be picked earlier in the second round before Dallas gets to the last draft pick.

Eyebrows have raised at the Mavericks' interest in James, but it does make sense. As a team vying in the NBA Finals, they could leverage a James pick to entice LeBron James to join their side.

With LeBron's addition, the Mavericks could arguably be the leading contenders for next season's NBA Finals. This move would keep LeBron in a large market, playing alongside his son, and even reuniting him with Kyrie Irving, his teammate from the 2016 NBA Championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers.


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Pacers coach predicts higher draft spot for Bronny James

Bronny James, son of LeBron James, has always been associated with the Los Angeles Lakers, where his father plays. The notion of LeBron wanting to play alongside his son before bidding adrift to his illustrious career is well-known. 

Throughout the draft process, bets are on Bronny landing the Lakers' No. 55 overall, a second-round pick. If he remains available till the 55th pick, he is certainly expected to join the Lakers.

However, there's no surety that 54 teams would overlook him. Rick Carlisle, the head coach of Indiana, thinks Bronny will be picked sooner. In a chat on the Green Light with Chris Long show, Carlisle was questioned about the Pacers employing their No. 50 or 51 overall picks for James.

"I predict he would be picked considerably sooner than that," retorted Carlisle, giving no further particulars mainly due to the penalties he faced this spring. "I can't reveal who. I don't want to incur fines. I've paid enough during the playoffs already."


It's noteworthy that the Pacers also have a second-round pick at No. 36, though Carlisle refrained from hinting that the Pacers were lining him up. Alternatively, the Lakers may go for Bronny at No. 17 in the first round, fearing another team choosing him before No. 55, or trade down to pick him sooner than No. 55.

Once seen as a worthy first-round prospect, Bronny's value plummeted following a cardiac event during a workout last summer, presumably causing his inconsistent performance at USC.

As the draft approaches in under two weeks, there's no certainty of where the James men will don jerseys next season. They may reunite at Lakers or, as Carlisle insinuates, another team may decide to spoil the party on draft night.

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