Sean O’Malley Predicts Gervonta Davis’ Fate Against Him, Says He Would ‘Knock Him Out’ in a Boxing Match

UFC champ Sean O’Malley claims he can KO Gervonta Davis in a boxing match. Discover his bold predictions and future plans. Share your thoughts!

Published on Jun 18, 2024  |  10:42 PM IST |  50.6K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

Gervonta 'Tank' Davis is fresh off another lightning-fast knockout win. Last weekend, he shut down Frank Martin cold, reminding everyone why he's a force in the boxing world. But while boxing fans are buzzing about Davis' dominance, there's another combat sports champion with his sights set on 'Tank.'

Yep, UFC bantamweight champ Sean O'Malley is back at it, calling out Davis once again. This isn't the first time O'Malley has mentioned a potential crossover fight with the boxing star. Remember how he was campaigning for a big-money matchup after his win over Aljamain Sterling? Looks like he's not letting go of that dream.

Sean O'Malley Takes Aim at Davis' Height

Sean O’Malley didn’t hold back in his recent podcast episode with head coach Tim Welch. He made it clear that he believes he could knock out Gervonta Davis in a boxing match. O’Malley started by poking fun at Davis’ height, saying, “He’s 5’4 max. He would probably put a clause that I would have to be 5’8 when I walked in there. I could weigh in at 5’11, but I gotta be 5’8 when I walk in there. I’m like I can’t do that.”

After cracking a joke about the height clause, O’Malley turned the conversation to UFC news. He confidently declared, “Well let’s f**king get into some UFC news, we’re done with that boxing bulls*it. I’d knock Gervonta out, let’s just end it on that.”

Despite Gervonta Davis’ recent knockout victory over Frank Martin, O’Malley’s confidence remains unshaken. He believes his striking skills are up to the challenge. O’Malley also drew inspiration from Conor McGregor’s famous boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, where McGregor crossed over from the UFC to the boxing ring. O’Malley envisions a similar path for himself.


Does O'Malley Really Want to Fight Davis?

Earlier, O’Malley called out Davis after his UFC 292 victory over Aljamain Sterling. He sees the potential for a huge crossover event, much like McGregor and Mayweather’s blockbuster fight. O’Malley stated, “We’re both undefeated boxers. It just makes sense. That’s what you do when you’re both undefeated boxers, you go out there and see who’s the best.”

Although he’s not calling for the fight to happen next, O’Malley is definitely planting the seeds. “I need to go out there, knock out my next guy. He needs to go out there, continue to build himself and then we can have a Conor-Floyd situation,” O’Malley explained.

He not only called out Gervonta Davis but also previously challenged Ryan Garcia. O’Malley is clearly eager to test his skills in the boxing ring. What do you think? Can O’Malley transition successfully from the octagon to the boxing ring?


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