'Sorry Floyd': When Jon Jones Claimed Ronda Rousey Would Beat Mayweather In Potential MMA Fight

In a potential mixed martial arts fight, Jon Jones believes in Ronda Rousey’s abilities to dominate boxing veteran Floyd Mayweather. Read On!

Published on Jun 16, 2024  |  06:01 AM IST |  156.4K
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Jon Jones(left) and Floyd Mayweather(right)

Jon Jones once compared Ronda Rousey and Floyd Mayweather. The heavyweight champion claimed the latter could be beaten in a potential mixed martial arts contest. Jones detailed the reasons behind his bizarre claim.

Ronda Rousey is widely regarded as one of the greats. Although Floyd Mayweather is currently undefeated, Jones believes in Ronda’s ability to dominate the veteran in a potential MMA bout.

Jon Jones believes Ronda Rousey could beat Floyd Mayweather

UFC veteran Ronda Rousey once claimed she could emerge victorious against Floyd Mayweather in an MMA fight. She had claimed that boxing is a limited form of fighting while believing in her ability to have the upper hand in a potential match-up.

These comments quickly became the center of discourse among fans of MMA and Boxing. The audience was truly divided in this debate. While some believed in Rousey’s jiu-jitsu, others expressed Mayweather’s quick hands have better advantage.

The UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones provided his expertise on the matter. In a sit-down with hosts of Fox Sports, Bones expressed his belief that Rousey has the edge. He started by apologizing to Money before giving his reasons. 

“Sorry Floyd, but imma have to give this one to Ronda,” said Jones. The heavyweight champion cited Rousey’s competitive jiu-jitsu experience as a potential upper hand. He also mentioned Mayweather’s inexperience in the sport of MMA.


Jones went on to compare inexperienced jiu-jitsu fights to drowning. He claimed the ‘science’ of the sport would give Floyd Mayweather a lot of problems in a potential MMA fight. 

MMA fighting and boxing are often compared with each other. But Jones believes the former UFC contender has an edge in a potential fight.

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Daniel Cormier clears the air on the Jon Jones rivalry

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier share the most hostile rivalry of all time. Throughout their fight build-ups, both contenders took devastating verbal jabs at each other. They have also gone as far as to swing at each other during face-offs.

However, Cormier and Jones appear to have ended their hatred for each other. On several occasions, DC has spoken about the heavyweight champion’s impressive fighting abilities in the octagon.

However, a recent phone call between them reignited their feud. Fans misunderstood Cormier to have flipped off Jones during the said call. DC recently cleared the air on the supposed misconceptions regarding the matter.


“Guys I wasn't flipping off Jones,” said Cormier. DC revealed it was a complete misunderstanding. Although the footage captured Daniel putting his middle finger up, he claims it was done for the people in the room and not for Bones.

“Everybody made a joke in the room afterwards and so I flipped the bird,” said Daniel Cormier. It appears that DC has no grudge over Jon Jones. Despite showing his respect, Cormier has no intention to be friends with Bones.

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