Stephen Curry Vs Magic Johnson: Kevin Durant Reveals His Choice, Settles GOAT PG Debate with Passionate Verdict

Discover Kevin Durant's passionate verdict on the Stephen Curry vs Magic Johnson GOAT PG debate. Read below for more.

Published on Feb 12, 2024  |  12:49 PM IST |  70.4K
Image Courtesy: Twitter
Image Courtesy: Twitter

The Golden State Warriors triumphed over the Phoenix Suns on Saturday (Feb. 10), courtesy of yet another game-winning shot by Stephen Curry. 

Consequently, accolades are pouring in for Curry from various NBA quarters. Prominently among those voices lauding him is Kevin Durant, a former Warriors All-Star who is currently part of the Suns’ squad.

Durant professed his view that Curry surpasses all in his position, echoing the sentiments often expressed by fans and fellow players. 

Durant labeled Curry an "all-time great", and a "top-five ever", believing that given an opportunity for the game, Curry would not miss a beat.

Kevin Durant's claim places Stephen Curry at the peak of his position, potentially settling any debates comparing Curry to Magic Johnson, at least from Durant's perspective.

Point Guard Greatness: Curry vs. Magic - A Comparative Analysis

The discussion revolves around who holds the title of the best guard ever. Magic Johnson frequently holds the crown for his stellar career milestones, including five NBA victories, three Finals MVP titles, and three regular-season MVP awards.

In contrast, Curry's game impact and phenomenal shooting skills have put him in the spotlight of the conversation. If you look at the statistics, Johnson leads in assists and rebounds, yet Curry proves more lethal in scoring.


The debate is ongoing, with varying perspectives influenced by individual definitions of a point guard's role and prioritized factors.

Curry's performance in crucial moments remains undeniable. He has spearheaded the Warriors to four championships, and taken numerous match-winning and lead-taking shots in critical situations.

Steve Kerr's repeated reliance on him in significant moments speaks volumes.

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The Great Point Guard Debate: Curry, Jordan, and Johnson's Perspectives

In August, Steph Curry, the superstar of the Golden State Warriors, self-proclaimed that he is the best point guard of all time during Gilbert Arenas' podcast.

Michael Jordan and Magic, both NBA Hall of Famers, voiced their disagreement and backed up Johnson instead.

During an interview on 95.7 The Game, Curry wasn't bothered by the counterarguments from the two champions.

While he acknowledged the generational divide, he also mentioned that such debates are part of the charm of sports like basketball.

Following Curry's claim, Johnson defended his status statistically on CBS Sports Radio's "The Zach Gelb Show."

In a message to Stephen A. Smith of ESPN, Jordan supported Johnson as the undisputed best point guard ever, attributing it to his regular double-doubles.

However, Jordan conceded that "Steph Curry is hands down the best shooter of all time."

As the Warriors strive to scale the Western Conference rankings, Curry will most likely continue to carry a significant part of the team's offense.

They are presently the 10th seed after six victories in their last seven games. As the All-Star break is nearing, Golden State's attention will inevitably shift towards preparing for the playoffs.

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