The Undertaker Reacts To Triple H's Praise For Him At WWE Experience In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Undertaker is a huge name in Saudi Arabia. Find out what Triple H said about The Deadman and how The Phenom reacted to it.


There’s a thing about WWE Legend: The Undertaker. He has a unique fan following in Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia. The Deadman's charm has been corroborated by WWE Chief Content Officer (CCO), Triple who tweeted a video on his X account, acknowledging the aura of The Deadman in Saudi Arabia.


The video was from the WWE Experience in Saudi Arabia, where Triple had been in recent times. For the uninitiated, WWE Experience is a fan festival in Saudi’s capital Riyadh, where WWE fans get to experience unique exhibits, as if they were inside the arena.

What did Triple H say about The Undertaker?

Taking to his official X account, Triple H wrote some words of praise for The Undertaker along with a video from the WWE Experience where he could feel The Undertaker’s entrance theme being played. “It’s nearly impossible to replicate the aura of The Undertaker, but the #WWEExperience in Riyadh did just that,” Triple H wrote. 


Reacting to this, The Undertaker wrote, “Grateful to have such an awesome display at the WC.”


The Undertaker’s fan following in Saudi Arabia

A big reason why The Undertaker enjoys a mammoth fan following in Saudi Arabia is because several Saudi kids and young adults grew up watching The Deadman, right when WWE made its way to television sets. His dark character was always a basis of curiosity for the young fans, and the kids loved to discuss whether he was really a person who could wake up from his death. 


The Undertaker featured in the line-up of great wrestling giants in April 2018 where 60,000 fans filled the King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah. This event was the first, before the 10-year deal between WWE and Saudi General Sports Authority in support of Saudi Vision, 2030.

In 2019, at the WWE Super Showdown in Jeddah, The Undertaker and Goldberg competed in a historic match. While the showdown didn't go as per the plan ending up in a nightmare, the fans still loved it.

Speaking to Arab News, one Saudi fan had said, “My favorite time was when the Undertaker and Goldberg wrestled. It was truly great to see these two legends in person. I grew up watching both.” Like this several WWE fans flocked to the King Abdullah Stadium to see The Undertaker.

Recently, The Undertaker shocked the world when he showed up in Saudi Arabia before the soccer match between Al Nasr and Al Hilal on February 8, 2024. The Deadman was there to lift the veil from the trophy. He walked in his traditional WWE Deadman character, and did the whole gimmick, as Cristiano Ronaldo watched. The Phenom’s act made headlines all over the world.

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