‘This Guy Knows What He’s Talking About’ When Dana White Decided To Hire Joe Rogan

On the Games With Names podcast, Dana White spoke about his first interaction with Joe Rogan and what made him decide to hire the podcast host as the commentator for the UFC.

Published on Jun 30, 2024  |  01:01 AM IST |  111.6K
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Joe Rogan(left) and Dana White(right)

Dana White and Joe Rogan are known to be good friends. The president of the UFC was taken aback by the popular podcast host and decided to hire him as the commentator for his beloved organization.

Joe Rogan has been the commentator for the UFC for a decade. Fans often tune in to listen to the podcast host analyze the fights that take place in the octagon. It's clear to see that the relationship between Dana White and Joe Rogan is an unbreakable bond.

Dana White recalls hiring Joe Rogan 

Prior to his UFC commentator status, Joe Rogan was the host of MTV’s popular show Fear Factor. Being quite a successful show, the popular comedian was a household name. 

On the Games With Names podcast, Dana White did a tell-all on how he met and hired Joe Rogan as a commentator for UFC.

The president of the UFC revealed that he had come across a talk show interview of Joe Rogan, which impressed him. When the UFC was just getting started, it seemed like the popular comedian was blown away by the fights.

So amused in fact, he spoke passionately about the fights on The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show that were being broadcasted.

Upon witnessing this, Dana White was interested in hiring Joe Rogan. “This guy knows what he’s talking about. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s articulate,” said the president of the UFC. He shortly reached out and they built a friendly relationship with each other.


He quickly made his debut as a commentator for UFC 12. White also revealed Joe Rogan’s willingness to work for the UFC for free. The popular podcast host was not on payroll for the first few cards that the organization held. 

“Joe and I have been super close friends for a really long time,” said Dana White. Rogan has had a spectacular relationship with the UFC. Being the commentator for over two decades, fans seem to enjoy his presence beside the octagon.

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Did Dana White threaten to quit the UFC because of Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan is one of the most loved personalities online. However, his career encountered a speed bump in 2022 after past racial remarks resurfaced. These comments were brought to light following controversial opinions regarding the CoronaVirus.

The popular podcast host caught a lot of flack for the incident. He was also called for stepping down as the commentator for the UFC. However, President Dana White seemed to have quite a contradictory opinion on this.


On the Flagrant podcast, Dana White recalled the incident regarding a potential step down as the president of the organization. He demanded Joe Rogan to stay as the commentator. If not, the 54-year-old claimed he would have resigned.

“No, I will f**king quit this job and leave and go do something else before you're gonna try to f**k it,” said Dana White. The host of Fear Factor ended up continuing his job as the commentator for the UFC.

Dana White and Joe Rogan have been friends for a long time. The president of the UFC claimed he would be loyal to the popular podcast host no matter the situation.

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