Travis Kelce Isn’t Loving Pressure From Taylor Swift’s Family To Propose and Has Problems? Here’s What Report Suggests

The pressure for a proposal from Taylor Swift’s parents is seemingly causing a rift. Read on to find out more

Published on Jun 17, 2024  |  05:20 PM IST |  147.7K
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  • Do the Swifits want a proposal?
  • Is marriage on the cards at all for Swift and Kelce?

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have always been making headlines since their romance blossomed last year. As they approach a milestone soon, reports are swirling about their relationship status as well as what their families expect from this milestone. 

As Kelce and Swift will be hitting the one-year mark in their relationship, rumors suggest that all is not well between Kelce and GF Swift’s family. The ‘constant questioning’ about a possible impending engagement appears to be the root of their problems.

Do the Swifits want a proposal?

A source revealed to Life & Style that Travis Kelce is not loving the pressure to propose from Swift’s family. The reports stated that the constant questioning from friends and family has started to get to them. They are always hit with gentle hints of a proposal, and the fan chatter also doesn’t help the case. 

“The more he’s pressured, the more he withdraws,” revealed the source. The noise surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs tight end going down on one knee for the pop star is causing issues.  As per the report, the relationship between him and Swift’s parents, Andrea Swift and Scott Swift, has started turning sour. 

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Is marriage on the cards at all for Swift and Kelce?

While the pressure to seal the deal may be overwhelming, the two are open to the idea of settling down. The insider revealed that “they’re madly in love,"  so it makes sense that they’ve been discussing marriage. The fact that they’ve been together for almost a year now also makes the “timing right,” according to the source. 


Recently, Kylie Kelce, Jason Kelce’s wife, was asked about Travis and Taylor’s marriage plans. She responded by saying, “That’s up to Trav.” 

Travis and Taylor set to hit the one-year mark 

Last year, Kelce revealed that he tried to give Swift his number on a friendship bracelet in July when he attended the Eras Tour. Later that year, in September, they officially sparked romance rumors when Swift attended multiple Chiefs’ games and was seen on the stands with Kelce’s family as well. 

While Travis Kelce was missing from the pop star’s Liverpool shows, they could be reuniting around June 20. Travis and Jason Kelce are heading to Cannes, France, and are planning to record an episode of their podcast, New Heights, there. Swift also has a two-day break in her tour around the same time. 

At the end of the day, whether or not they head towards marriage or enjoy their relationship where it is is up to them. 


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