Tristan Tate wants comedian cancelled for comparing him and brother Andrew Tate to two men with disabilities

Former kickboxer and controversial social media star Tristan Tate got into an argument with Canadian stand up comedian after he trolled Tate and his brother Andrew Tate. Read on for more on this.

Published on Dec 01, 2023  |  05:56 PM IST |  624.2K
Image Courtesy : Instagram
Image Courtesy : Instagram

Former kickboxer brothers Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate are best known for showcasing their rich lifestyle and expressing their open and controversial views on women, politics, and how an ideal man should act.

Tristan Tate recently engaged in an online argument with Canadian stand-up comedian Ben Bankas. Bankas, who posted a video featuring two disabled men, captioned it as, “The Tate brothers in action.”

Twitter users started trolling the comedian right after his post. Tristan Tate himself commented under the video, saying, 

“Find me these two disabled gentlemen and their family. I’ll do something to help them all out. DMs open thank you,” Tritan Tate expressed.

An X user (Formerly Twitter) commented below Tate’s comment, “Take note gentleman, this is how you mu*der someone legally.”

Tate wasted no time and reacted to fans' reaction by saying,

 “I just hope no Canadians who live in this man’s liberal Canada contact the venues he performs “comedy” at and informs them that his idea of a joke is picking on people with disabilities. That would suck for Ben. That would indeed be mu*der”.

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The comedian expressed views on Tristan Tate

Canadian comedian took no damage and immediately defended himself by expressing his views on the matter and Tristan Tate.

“Bro, you tweeting at me all upset like a 20-year-old chick because I compared you to a disabled guy is priceless.”

Ben further expressed, that he is thankful to Tate for making his day, he even expressed he knows Tate is trying to cancel him. He claimed he already had "losers try to cancel me over and over again."

He concluded by saying, "Now go convince some more Romanian girls to dance in cages online."

Tristan Tate and Andrew were arrested back in 2022, under the allegations of human trafficking and forming their group. 

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