Virat Kohli explains the secret behind his successful marriage with Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli praised his wife Anushka Sharma during a recent conversation with Sir Vivian Richards.
Virat Kohli has never shied away from praising his wife Anushka Sharma. (Photo: Instagram)
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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are called as the power couple in the Indian cricketing circle. The Bollywood actress and Team India skipper tied the knot on December 2017 and have been inseparable since then.

Both never shies away from showing their love and fondness for each other. Inspite of such a busy schedule they still make time for each other. The couple was recently spotted in Miami ahead of the Test series against the West Indies.

Recently Virat played host to Sir Vivian Richards in a small conversation where he spoke to him about his cricketing days and how he approached the fast bowlers. During the conversation the  Indian captain, once again, did not let the opportunity go without showered praises on wife Anushka. He also termed her as the biggest blessing of his life.

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Speaking about his marriage life Kohli explained how Anushka has always guided him in the right direction. In reply Richards pointed out how Virat Kohli has managed to get a balance between his personal and professional life. “You are playing better than ever now, man. Some guys relish knowing that the person they enjoy being with for the rest of their lives, in the environment and doing what you are doing now, man. Some guys wouldn’t have done as much. But it looks like you are really appreciating both sides of the coin,” he said.

The Indian skipper also highlighted how important it is to understand each other and to do right things in life off the field.

“Actually, it’s been the biggest blessing in my life apart from being blessed to play this sport. To find the right person. Because she is a professional herself, she totally understands my space. She guides me in the right direction. The thing that I have learned from us being together is that if you are willing to do things which are right in your life, off the field, and doing the difficult things and standing by them, I think that creates your personality to go on the field and do the same thing,” the 30-year-old said in response.

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