Was Tom Brady dating Veronika Rajek before Irina Shayk? Explaining viral rumor

A popular rumor has been circulating online that Veronika Rajek dated Tom Brady before he started his relationship with Irina Shyak. However, the truth behind this viral claim is as follows:

Published on Nov 28, 2023  |  04:20 PM IST |  306.6K
Image courtesy: Getty
Image courtesy: Getty

Veronika Rajek has become one of the most well-known hardcore fans of NFL legend Tom Brady. However, a viral rumor has been circulating online that she actually dated the former quarterback before he began his current relationship with Russian model Irina Shyak. Let's see what the reality behind the rumor is: 

Veronika Rajek's relationship with Tom Brady

Post-divorce with Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady has been rumored to be romantically linked with various celebrities, especially models. Veronika Rajek is one of the internet-famous models Tom Brady was reportedly linked with before he started dating Russian model Irina Shayk. 

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The rumor started to gain traction ever since Veronika Rajek posted a picture on her Instagram account in 2022 that broke the internet. The pictures were from a December 5, 2022 game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints.

The Slovakia-born model wrapped herself in Tom Brady's number 12 Buccaneers jersey and proclaimed in the caption of her viral post that she loves the former Tampa Bay quarterback. That Instagram photo op attracted a tidal wave of attention towards Veronika, skyrocketing her Instagram followers.


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Recently, Veronika Rajek was back in the limelight for changing her crush from Tom Brady to Chiefs tight Travis Kelce. But this fan attention gave birth to rumors that she dated Brady before Irina came into the picture. Well, she didn't because she was married. 

Veronika Rajek could not have dated Tom Brady before Irina Shayk

The biggest reason why there's no way Veronika Rajek could have dated Tom Brady before he started seeing Irina Shayk was her marriage. Veronika Rajek is married. The Slovakia model married Viktor Rajek, who is a 37-year-old bobsledder in 2019.

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Viktor Rajek is a retired Olympics athlete who competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics in the four-man and two-man events. Currently, Viktor is the owner of a restaurant called Bier & Bierli in Austria. Thus, Veronika Rajek's post confessing her love was merely 'fan love' and nothing else. 

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