WATCH: MMA Fighter Lukas Bokovaz Proposes to GF After Losing Fight and Gets Rejected

After losing his MMA fight, Lukas Bukovaz proposed to his girlfriend, only to face rejection, capturing a poignant moment of vulnerability in the octagon.

Published on Jun 25, 2024  |  08:05 PM IST |  75K
Image Courtesy :  Clash of the stars
Image Courtesy : Clash of the stars

Lukas Bukovaz would definitely like to forget the Clash of the Stars event. The MMA octagon has witnessed countless matches with surprising results. It also bears testimony to several instances when the fighters have proposed to their loved ones inside the cage. Unfortunately for Bukovaz, he had to take a double blow. 

Featuring in the Clash of the Stars MMA event, Bukovaz had Patrik Horvath for a double-team match. Before the start of the fight, their opponent, Jan Michalek was touted as the underdog coming into the fight. Quite expectedly, a 2-on-1 matchup inside the octagon calls for doom. 

However, things didn't quite go according to the plan. While the match result was shocking, Bukovaz also suffered a huge setback from his girlfriend. 

Lukas Bukovaz gets rejected by his girlfriend

Jan Michalek stunned the crowds as he managed to get the better of both Bukovaz and Horvath. Little did the Czech fighter know that his evening of doom had only begun. Soon after his loss, Bukovaz decided to lessen his agony by resorting to his lover. 

With his girlfriend inside the ring, Bukovaz went on to pull out a ring and ask for the hand of his partner for marriage. In a shocking turn of events, Bukovaz’s girlfriend turned the proposal down, embarrassing him in front of 20,000 people.


She said, “Based on everything that’s happened, I think probably not.” Immediately, the entire arena started booing her but that did not change her decision. Bukovaz’s girlfriend later mentioned about the fighter’s infidelity. 

However, there is conclusive evidence of the same. Meanwhile, another MMA fighter proposed to his girlfriend last month. Luckily, he was fortunate enough to get a ‘yes’. 

Patchy Mix gets lucky with Tatiana Suarez

A few weeks back, in May 2024, Patchy Mix tried his luck in love in the city of love. Before the bantamweight championship, Mix was under the Eiffel Tower with his girlfriend Tatiana Suarez. Suarez, the undefeated strawweight fighter was sharing a heartwarming moment with her lover. Little did she know what was waiting next to make that evening in Paris memorable forever. 

Mix went down on his knees, took out the ring, and proposed to Suarez, leaving her awestruck. However, fortunately, Mix's luck in love played out well unlike Bukovaz. The couple in love hugged while Tatiana flaunted her ring. Adding the cherry to the cake, Mix's lady luck shined brightly on him as he won his bantamweight bout against Magomedov in May.


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