Watch: Ryan Garcia Disses Devin Haney Using Kendrick Lamar’s Not Like Us Beat

Ryan Garcia unleashes a fierce rap against Devin Haney on Kendrick Lamar’s beat. Discover the heated words and what led to this clash. Dive into the drama now!

Published on Jun 28, 2024  |  01:03 PM IST |  61.9K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

Ryan Garcia is at it again. Have you seen his latest diss on Devin Haney? This time, he chose Kendrick Lamar's Not Like Us beat to get back at Haney. It's not just another rap; it's a bold statement. 

Garcia was on a yacht with famous streamer N3on. Remember his recent challenge to Errol Spence Jr.? That was intense, too. But this diss against Haney is next level. Garcia starts with, "Devin's not like us, Bill Haney sus." 

He doesn't hold back, calling Haney weird and even attacking his father. What's Garcia's goal with these fiery freestyles?

Suspension got Ryan Garcia singing?

Ryan Garcia posted a video dissing Devin Haney, using Kendrick Lamar's Not Like Us beat. On a yacht with famous streamer N3on, Garcia started with, "Devin's not like us, Bill Haney sus. Devin Haney's so weird so gay, P Diddy partying, what was you doin'?" He didn't hold back, saying, "F**k Devin Haney man, f**k him in the a**."

When he ran out of things to say, Garcia repeatedly chanted, "Everybody knows." His standout punchline was, "When I hit you with the left hook you went asleep... everybody knows it, you cannot erase it from the internet." He ended the diss with, "You're not like us, Devin Haney, Bill Haney is hella, hella sus."

This latest diss comes after Garcia's suspension for testing positive for a banned substance. As part of a settlement with the New York State Athletic Commission, Garcia is suspended until April 2025 and forfeited his $1.1 million purse from his fight against Haney.


The victory by majority decision was changed to a "no contest." Moreover, Haney is suing Garcia, seeking justice for what he calls an unfair fight. Despite these setbacks, Garcia remains defiant, using his freestyle raps to keep the spotlight on him.

Devin Haney's push for justice against Garcia

After Ryan Garcia defeated Devin Haney, fans initially cheered. However, those cheers quickly turned into boos when Garcia tested positive for Ostarine, a banned substance. The news, leaked by VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association), shocked fans. Garcia maintained his innocence, claiming he didn't take the substance before the bout.

Once it was proven beyond doubt, Devin Haney appealed the decision. Garcia's win over 'The Dream' was changed to a No-Contest, leaving Haney’s record without a loss. Now, Haney is considering suing Garcia

He claims KingRy caused significant damage due to the failed drug test. “I signed the contract for a fair fight where I'm clean and he's clean. He must pay for that,” said Haney. He also mentioned losing a lot of money and is determined to fight for it in court.


Though the lawsuit isn't official yet, Haney is serious about his intentions. Outside of court, he also expressed interest in a potential rematch with Garcia. As of now, there are no leads regarding the case.

What will happen next? Will Devin Haney go through with the lawsuit, or will they settle it in the ring with a rematch? Stay tuned as we follow this unfolding story.

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