When Bray Wyatt Spoke About The Fiend 4 Years Before Bringing The Character To WWE 

Bray Wyatt revealed his alter-ego The Fiend in 2019, but he told about the character four years prior to its debut through Man in the Woods story in WWE.

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Bray Wyatt (PC: Getty Images)
Bray Wyatt (PC: Getty Images)
Key Highlight
  • Bray Wyatt's Man in the Woods story
  • Bray Wyatt's Man in the Woods debuted as The Fiend in 2019

In Bray Wyatt, WWE unveiled a masterful storyteller. Throughout his wrestling career, whether during his tenure as the Eater of the World or The Fiend, Bray Wyatt would narrate fascinating stories from his life. In October 2015, the late WWE Champion told fans the story of 'Man in the Woods'. 

Years later, people realized that he was depicting the tale of The Fiend through Man in the Woods, even though The Fiend's character debuted in 2019. The segment demonstrated Bray Wyatt's brilliant creative mind and ability to tell a long-term story. 

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Bray Wyatt's Man in the Woods story

The childhood story starts with Bray Wyatt standing in the woods. His first words were that he grew up in South Central, Louisiana.  Abigail ( Sister Abigail) took him and his siblings to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. There was freedom, but even the greatest freedom comes with a price. 

He said that Abigail told him to be cautious of the man in the woods, who was real. One day, Bray and his siblings went rabbit hunting with their slingshots. When they heard a strange noise, they anticipated it was a bear. When the howling got louder, his brothers got scared and ran away. 

Bray was frightened, but he moved closer to the loud howling sound. Seeing the man in the woods, Bray described it as about seven feet tall. He was pale as a pearl, sporting long yellow hair alongside yellow eyes like a cat. 


Bray was frozen in fear, but the man in the woods had the slingshot in his palm. A terrified Wyatt ran back to the cabin, telling Abigail the whole incident.  

However, a calm Abigail's answer surprised him. As the man in the woods was holding his slingshot, Abigail replied, "Don't you understand Bray, it's his slingshot too. You are the man in the woods. " 

Bray Wyatt's Man in the Woods debuted as The Fiend in 2019

Bray Wyatt brought the Man in the Woods character to life, debuting his alter-ego, The Fiend. With yellow hair, yellow eyes, and pale skin, The Fiend looked identical to Bray's description. 

The Fiend gimmick enjoyed remarkable success and popularity, winning the Universal Champion twice. Unfortunately, one of the greatest storytellers of professional wrestling, Bray Wyatt, passed away in 2023 but left a lasting legacy.

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