When Kobe Bryant Revealed Why He and Chris Paul Would've Been a Perfect Fit

Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul never played for the same team but as All-Star teammates they had a record of 5-1.

Published on Jun 17, 2024  |  07:15 PM IST |  48.6K
Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant

The tale of how Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul nearly formed a tandem in Los Angeles in 2011 is well-known to NBA fans. Even though it would have been an incredible combination for the Lakers, it's unclear if the Purple and Gold would have made it to the Promised Land.

However, if you ever question Kobe and CP3, they sincerely thought their partnership would have led to the Lakers winning NBA championships.

Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant

What did Chris Paul say?

Paul said that their partnership worked for the USA Olympic team. He mentioned his time with Kobe in the All-Star games even though he couldn’t recall how many games he played with Black Mamba. Paul described how they felt confident playing together, wanted to win every game, and showed their competitiveness. 

Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul

What did Bryant say?

Speaking about it, Bryant once said, "We never f--------- around when we were playing together in every All-Star Game. Listen, the guys have fun, but let's get back to what we do, was the sentiment. I knew his competitive nature and felt we would be a great match. We simply discussed our plans and how we would organize to complete the tasks at hand. Sadly, it never took place."

Terrific record as teammates

Together, Kobe and CP competed for the gold medals for the 2012 Dream Team and the Redeem Team. They participated in six All-Star Games together throughout their careers, always representing the Western Conference team.


As teammates, Kobe and CP3 had a 5-1 record in those six games; Paul's 2008 debut ASG game was their only loss. Either Kobe or CP took home the All-Star MVP trophy in three of their five ASG victories combined.

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