When Pop Star Mariah Carey Opened Up About Relationship Details With Former MLB Icon And Ex-Boyfriend Derek Jeter

Did you know Mariah Carey once secretly dated MLB Icon Derek Jeter in a “secret romance”?

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Mariah Carey and Derek Jeter [Credit-Instagram]
Mariah Carey and Derek Jeter [Credit-Instagram]

Derek Jeter won the hearts of an unfathomable number of baseball fans during his playing career. Just as well, he captivated a plethora of celebrity-status women, including Mariah Carey. The love affair between Jeter and Carey was brief but remarkable. 

At least for Carey, it became the most memorable experience of her life. Carey met Jeter while she was still married. However, she said that her marriage to music entrepreneur Tommy Mottola was not going well. So her extramarital romance with Jeter nearly served as a delicious vacation from the harsh truths of life. Carey became so completely in love with Jeter that she accompanied him to Puerto Rico.

Mariah Carey once spoke on her romantic escapade with ex-boyfriend Derek Jeter

After going to New York, Jeter had a vivid dream about playing for the Yankees and eloping with Carey. Interestingly, everything worked out almost precisely as Jeter had hoped. Carey's private encounters with Jeter on his apartment rooftop led her to pen two songs. 

While Carey's first song, The Roof, recounted her sensuous encounter with Jeter, My All depicted the whole love affair. And, as previously said, she traveled to Puerto Rico only for her then-lover Derek Jeter. She described the same thing in her memoirs.

Carey mentioned the entire story in her biography, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, saying, "I was still absorbed in the memory of the roof and wasn't willing to fall back into the mud of despair." 

The lines further stated that a new part of her was alive, and she was quite determined to “nourish” it. Mariah stated in the book that she got to know that Derek was scheduled to visit Puerto Rico, so she told her husband Tommy that she needed to go on a trip.


Mariah Carey sounded so “reasonable” that Tommy believed her

Carey further wrote she “made it sound super reasonable” as she and her assistant, or maybe some “another girlfriend”, would go together “for the weekend”, to somewhere she “could swim in the ocean and chill in the sun and write” (keeping in mind she’d never done anything like that while at Sing Sing, never)—somewhere beautiful and close, like Puerto Rico. 

She also added, “My assistant was totally into it. She was still young herself, and this was a legitimate secret romance. We were all caught up.” 

Jeter and Carey split up in 1998 and went on separate paths in their careers. But the memories of the encounter were as vivid as ever for her. So, do you think Derek Jeter and Mariah Carey would have been an ideal celebrity pairing? 

Mariah Carey got into a string of relationships, but she is currently reported to be single since her breakup with Bryan Tanaka, and Derek Jeter, is happily married to Hannah Jetter.


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