When Sidney Crosby Got ‘Bullied’ in the NHL As A 17-Year-Old Rookie

Sydney Crosby wasn’t always the GOAT he is considered to be. Read about the time when he was a rookie and was bullied by some fans during a game.

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Sidney Crosby with girlfriend [Credit-X@@iKaptainKush] (1)
Sidney Crosby with girlfriend [Credit-X@@iKaptainKush]

Three-time Stanley Cup winner Sidney Crosby in his rookie career was bullied by fans. The story is so interesting that those who know about the bullying, still remember how Crosby took his revenge against them.

In 2005, Sidney Crosby was a fresh face coming out into the locker room. That year, the Pittsburgh Penguins were the lucky team to win the first-draft pick lottery and then they signed hockey’s next generational talent.

Why was Sidney Crosby ‘bullied’?

With the Penguins’ team somehow surviving through two bankruptcies in 20 years, they were on the verge of relocation. But, it all changed when they signed Sidney Crosby. So, asking a 17-year-old kid to save the franchise is a lot of pressure.

But in his rookie season in 19 games till he was bullied, Crosby had scored 7 goals and had 14 assists. He was living up to the hype. But on November 16, 2005, the battle of Pennsylvania would be completely renewed. Now, as a generational talent in the NHL, part of the job came with becoming someone’s target.

And that is what happened with Crosby. When Crosby entered the league, it was the first year after the lockout and the game was transitioning into a new era that emphasized speed and skill.

This became evident as the NHL had several rule changes making the offensive zone a little bigger. Compared to today’s game there were monsters sitting in the dugout who wouldn’t let a 17-year-old enjoy the spotlight.


Darian Hatcher of the Philadelphia Flyers got a chance to go one-on-one with Sidney Crosby and he just did that, both men collided with Hatcher getting the upper hand on Crosby. Crosby lost two deaths during the altercation and he calls out Hatcher and says, “You’re a F*ck*ng Joke.”

Sidney Crosby became a villain for the Phillies after this 

There's no arguing that the 2005 first-round selection possesses some of the finest hockey skills ever seen. His three Stanley Cups, 10-plus trophies, eight All-Star selections, and several seasons leading the league in offense speak for themselves, but his success versus the Flyers is among the finest of his career.

Crosby has scored more goals versus the Flyers than any other club in his 15-year career, and he has the second-most points against them.

These facts heighten the strain on Philadelphia even further. Hating Crosby unifies Flyers supporters like nothing else. The enthusiasm to never miss a "boo" when No. 87 has the puck and to celebrate when he flubs a shot or stumbles is admirable. 


Crosby once claimed that the Wells Fargo Center has a cruel, not enjoyable, environment. After a 2012 game against the Flyers, Crosby was quoted as stating, "I don't like them, I don't like any guy on their team." 

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