Why Are Travis and Jason Kelce Taking a Break From Their New Heights Podcast? Find Out

Discover the reasons behind Travis and Jason Kelce's decision to take a break from their popular New Heights podcast. Learn what's next for the Kelce brothers.

Published on Jul 04, 2024  |  04:01 PM IST |  58.7K
 Travis and Jason Kelce (PC:Twitter)
Travis and Jason Kelce (PC:Twitter)

The beloved podcast New Heights, co-hosted by NFL stars Travis and Jason Kelce, will be taking a temporary hiatus. It was announced by the brothers during their Season 2 finale episode. Despite initial concerns among fans, neither brother is quitting the podcast. 

Instead, they assured their audience that they planned to return as soon as possible following a brief break. The NFL star, Travis Kelce, will continue to play as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

According to the 34-year-old footballer, he must dedicate his full attention to the team’s training camp this summer. His ongoing status as one of the NFL's premier players requires a significant commitment. Making it difficult to balance his professional responsibilities with the podcast's demanding production schedule.

The Kelce Brothers announced a temporary hiatus

The former NFL star, Jason Kelce, explained that the hiatus would last “a nice couple of months.” It is because Travis is going to focus on his training camp activities. The intense nature of the NFL training camp is hectic. It is noted that it would be challenging to produce high-quality podcast content during this period. 

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Travis added that he is eager to pick up the podcast once training camp concludes. Jason hinted that the podcast might resume by the end of August. It will align with the end of the training camp.

Fans of New Heights can rest assured that they won’t be completely in the dark during this break. The Kelce brothers promised to keep the podcast’s social media channels active. It is providing regular updates and potentially releasing never-before-seen footage. Travis humorously remarked that this unseen footage might be terrifying. However, he guaranteed it would be entertaining for their audience.


Reflecting on the Kelce brothers’s podcast journey

Reflecting on their journey with New Heights, the Kelce brothers expressed immense gratitude for the support and love they’ve received from their listeners. The podcast was initially created to showcase their brotherhood. Especially the unique dynamic between them, despite their different paths in life. 

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Jason, who retired from the Philadelphia Eagles earlier this year, is set to join ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown. In a bid to enhance future episodes, Jason encouraged fans to share their suggestions and feedback. He emphasized that they are always coachable. They are open to new ideas that could make the podcast even better.

While New Heights will be on a brief hiatus, fans can look forward to the podcast’s return later this year. In the meantime, the Kelce brothers will stay connected with their audience through social media updates and exclusive content. The duo remains dedicated to continuing their podcast journey in the future. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are about their decision. 


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