‘You’re Pathetic’: Oscar De La Hoya Criticizes Devin Haney for Celebrating Ryan Garcia's Decision Reversal

Oscar De La Hoya slams Devin Haney's celebration of Garcia's decision reversal, calling him out for his behavior and payment claims. Read to know more details.

Updated on Jun 27, 2024  |  01:28 PM IST |  72.9K
Image Source: TWITTER
Image Source: TWITTER

Boxing just got a whole lot hotter! Oscar De La Hoya, legend and promoter, is throwing major shade at Devin Haney. Remember that controversial fight between Haney and Ryan Garcia? The one with the wild decision reversal? Well, it seems the bad blood is far from settled.

De La Hoya just unleashed a video rant criticizing Haney for celebrating the win reversal. His words were brutal as he called Haney "pathetic" and accused him of faking claims about unpaid money.

But wait, there's more! De La Hoya even throws shade at another boxing superstar. What did he say, and will this drama explode into a full-blown boxing war?

De La Hoya questions Haney's legacy

In his recent rant, Oscar De La Hoya didn't mince words about Devin Haney. He criticized Haney for celebrating the New York State Athletic Commission’s decision to overturn Ryan Garcia’s victory and suspending him.

In a video, Haney was seen dancing in a bowling alley, which didn’t sit well with De La Hoya. “Devin Haney, you’re pathetic, dancing around in the bowling alley because you got your decision reversed? Nobody’s going to forget that beating you took,” De La Hoya said.

But he didn't stop there. De La Hoya also addressed Haney’s accusations of non-payment. Haney and Garcia had both voiced frustrations about delayed payments from their pay-per-view shares. De La Hoya dismissed these claims, saying, “Oh, and let’s not forget. You’re accusing me of not paying you. Bro, you just do not sell. That’s the bottom line.”


To make his point even clearer, De La Hoya offered Haney a challenge. “You can audit my company anytime you want. I pay every fighter, and I’m pretty sure you got that from Canelo from what he started,” he asserted.

Finally, De La Hoya addressed Haney’s quick retraction of his retirement announcement, making his disdain obvious. “So bro, the retirement, just enjoy it, f**k you,” he concluded.

This outburst has undoubtedly added more drama to an already contentious situation, keeping fans and analysts eagerly watching.

Haney wants blood (and money) as Garcia faces suspension

Devin Haney isn't letting Ryan Garcia off the hook easily. In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Haney made his feelings clear. Haney stated that he wants Garcia to "pay" for his behavior, reflecting his determination to address their issues comprehensively.

He stressed the importance of fairness in the sport, emphasizing that both fighters had agreed to enter the ring clean, with no substances in their systems, as per their contract. This expectation of mutual adherence to the rules was a key point he highlighted.


Haney emphasized making Garcia pay for not holding up his side of the agreement. Determined to seek justice both inside and outside the ring, Haney stated his intentions clearly. "I want to get it back in blood in the ring," he said, while also acknowledging the business aspect of their rivalry, underscoring his identity as both a fighter and a businessman.

What do you think about De La Hoya's remarks and Haney's response? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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