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 Moupriya Banerjee

june 16, 2024


 10 dark school K-dramas you must see

This mind-boggling zombie series narrates a horrifying saga of a few trapped high schoolers who must fight to survive against hoards of flesh-eaters

Image: Netflix

 All of Us Are Dead

A few children of rich families living in SKY Castle, an exclusive residence must become successful in order to put up with their parents

Image: JTBC

SKY Castle

A model student dives into the world of dangerous crimes to pay his tuition peers but things turn complicated when his peers start taking an interest in his business

Image: Netflix


When an alien invasion shooks the government, senior high schoolers are ordered to join the armed forces to fight against unidentified objects

Duty After School

Image: tvN

A teen joins an elite high school as a scholarship student in order to unveil the truth behind his brother’s hit-and-run death


Image: Netflix

In an elite school, students get picked out as outcasts based on a monthly voting system called Pyramid Game

Pyramid Game

Image: Tving

When a high scholar becomes suspect in a murder case, his lawyer goes undercover as a temp teacher in his school in order to find the truth

 Class of Lies

Image: OCN

When a murder witness gets an opportunity to study in a prestigious school in exchange for staying tight0-lipped, she comes across a bully who might be connected to the case


Image: Netflix

A teacher reunites with her former student years after she was accused of having an ‘improper’ relationship with him while teaching in a corrupted elite school


Image: tvN

A top student, who appears to be weak fights against his bullies by using his with and psychology

 Weak Hero Class 1

Image: WAVVE


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