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june 25, 2024


10 fan favorite K-drama kisses

Pujya Doss

In this romantic comedy, a food researcher goes on a blind date for her friend and finds herself in a secret relationship with her boss. Complications arise when their true identities are revealed

Image: SBS

Business Proposal 

Follows the story of an art curator secretly in love with a famous idol group leader. Balancing her personal and work life becomes challenging when she starts dating the idol singer

Image: tvN

Her Private Life 

A woman returning to Korea after working abroad reunites with her childhood friend, now her boss, leading to a romantic connection

Something in the Rain 

Image: JTBC

This drama revolves around a young woman who doesn't believe in love but becomes drawn to a man known for playing around with women

Image: JTBC


A narcissistic CEO and his loyal secretary's romantic journey begins when she decides to quit her job after nine years. The CEO is determined to win her back

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim 

Image: tvN

A children's book author with antisocial personality disorder finds healing and love with a psychiatric nurse

It's Okay to Not Be Okay 

Image: tvN

This romantic fantasy drama follows a webtoon artist who enters the world of her own webtoon and falls in love with the main character


Image: MBC

A mysterious courier known as Healer takes on illegal jobs and partners with a journalist to uncover a corruption scandal


Image: KBS2

A top actress is forced to work as a secretary at a law firm and falls in love with her cold-hearted lawyer boss, known as the Grim Reaper

Touch Your Heart

Image: tvN

This historical romance drama tells the story of a twin princess raised as a boy to become the crown prince after her brother's death. She falls in love with her teacher, who is unaware of her true identity

The King's Affection 

Image: KBS2


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